How Machine Identity Management Protects Your Digital Identities

Digital identities, particularly the TLS certificates in use throughout your organization, are used by machines to authenticate machine-to-machine communications. But they also protect machines through consistent, trusted encryption. So, when these machine identities fail, organizations experience outages. Even worse, when that happens security controls – like traffic inspection devices – will stop protecting your business. But it’s not as easy as you may think to avoid these consequences. Most organizations don’t have a clue how many or what types of certificates they’re using, who owns them internally, or which CAs issued them. Without this visibility and intelligence, it’s impossible to automate the certificate lifecycle tasks that prevent outages, stop breaches, and protect revenue.

In this webcast, we're going to make the case for implementing an enterprise-wide machine identity management strategy to eliminate the cost and risk of TLS-related outages. You’ll learn:

  • Real-world examples of outages caused by expired TLS machine identities.

Join us for the webcast and the accompanying whitepaper on August 18, 2022.