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How to Give the Best Pen Test of your Life

  • Thursday, December 18, 2014 at 11:00 PM EST (2014-12-19 04:00:00 UTC)
  • Ed Skoudis

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You know you have it in you , that drive to do the ULTIMATE penetration test: one that is technically deep, hyper current, super relevant, clever, and really helps the target organization understand their business risk and radically improve their security posture. In short, you want to perform the best penetration test of your life, your masterwork in the art of pen testing, something you can look back on with pride and say, "That. Was. The One." But, sadly, many penetration testers never realize this dream, due to lack of resources, time, capabilities, or even organization political backing. But, as a thought experiment, what if you could, just once, conduct that dream penetration test? What would it look like? How would you approach it? How could you tell you had really given it your all? And, if such a test is impossible, why bother even thinking about it? In this talk, Ed Skoudis explores these questions, focused on what we can learn from the hypothetical ultimate pen test that we can directly apply to our real, world pen tests today. Loaded with specific tips, tricks, and strategies, this talk strives to provide actionable advice for all security pros to up their game in providing great penetration tests.

Speaker Bio

Ed Skoudis

Ed Skoudis is the founder of Counter Hack, an innovative organization that designs, builds, and operates popular infosec challenges and simulations including CyberCity, NetWars, Cyber Quests, and Cyber Foundations. As director of the CyberCity project, Ed oversees the development of missions which help train cyber warriors in how to defend the kinetic assets of a physical, miniaturized city. Ed's expertise includes hacker attacks and defenses, incident response, and malware analysis, with over fifteen years of experience in information security. Ed authored and regularly teaches the SANS courses on network penetration testing (Security 560) and incident response (Security 504), helping over three thousand information security professionals each year improve their skills and abilities to defend their networks. He has performed numerous security assessments; conducted exhaustive anti-virus, anti-spyware, Virtual Machine, and IPS research; and responded to computer attacks for clients in government, military, financial, high technology, healthcare, and other industries. Previously, Ed served as a security consultant with InGuardians, International Network Services (INS), Global Integrity, Predictive Systems, SAIC, and Bell Communications Research (Bellcore). Ed also blogs about command line tips and penetration testing.

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