Cybersecuring DoD ICS Systems

  • Tuesday, 14 Mar 2017 11:00AM EST (14 Mar 2017 15:00 UTC)
  • Speaker: Michael Chipley

The DoD has adopted the NIST Risk Management Framework. Recognizing that malware is increasingly targeting Operational Technologies, the DoDI 8500 requires the same level of cybersecurity protection for OT systems (such as Industrial Control Systems, utility SCADA, Building Controls, etc.) as traditional Information Technology systems. This webinar will outline the RMF implementation and migration plan, provide an overview of the ICS Overlay, and have a live demo of the use of the DoDI and the ICS Overlay in the DHS Cyber Security Evaluation Tool. The webinar will also explain how to use ICS and PIT Enclaves, Sub-Enclaves, define the Authorization Boundary and role of the Authorization Official, understand the procurement and acquisition contract language changes, and the best practices for the creation of an ICS Test and Development Environment.