Cyber Solutions Fest 2022: SOC & SOAR

The Cyber Solutions Fest will explore best practices of selection, implementation, operations, and staff use of tools in cyber operations. Vendors are encouraged to highlight actual customer deployments as well as share insights from their tool developers and designers.

This solutions fest will showcase success, at large scale as well as personal and tailored to solve real world problems. The pace of IT change has become difficult to keep up with. Security teams need to implement technology in a coordinated manner. There continues to be a shortage of skilled cybersecurity staff, too many alerts, and organizational mission and IT mis-alignment. Our scarce staff need dependable technology to perform security work with speed, precision, and consistency.

The challenge is Cyber tools are frequently bought to avoid the one thing that most organizations don't seem to be able to do on their own: figuring out the sequence of actions that need to be automated and bringing together the mass of data from disparate tools. There’s too much “time in the queue” and not enough “solving hard problems to make everyone’s life better.” Let’s look at how tools can enable defenders to focus their analytical capability on attacker activity, and make everyone a little more secure to raise the bar for attackers.