Cyber Solutions Fest 2022: Ransomware

  • Friday, 14 Oct 2022 9:00AM EDT (14 Oct 2022 13:00 UTC)
  • Speaker: Matt Bromiley

One of the most prolific attacks over the past few years, that has touched nearly every industry and kept security professionals up at night, is ransomware. Ever-looming as the threat that can bring an organization to a halt, we have seen an explosive growth in ransomware and extortion attacks. Driven by never-ending vulnerabilities and automated attack tools, ransomware shows little signs of slowing down. It is time to change that pace.

Join us for the Ransomware Track of the SANS 2022 Cyber Solutions fest, where we will be joined by industry experts, peers, and researchers, to examine ransomware defenses. Even with the best laid plans, we must constantly be assessing our defenses and comparing them against adversary techniques to ensure that our environments are protected.

In this track, we will look at:

  • Modern adversary and ransomware attack trends
  • Endpoint and network defenses to slow or stop a ransomware attack
  • Threat intelligence to help keep us apprised and ready for adversary techniques, and
  • Building cross-telemetry detections that help detect the early stages of ransomware (and other attacks!)