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Bringing validity to defense-in-depth

  • Wednesday, December 09, 2020 at 1:00 PM EST (2020-12-09 18:00:00 UTC)
  • Paul Ewing, Moises Cosio, Jacob Williams


  • Elasticsearch, Inc

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Why should you have to choose between 99.999% uptime, continuous delivery, or a secure environment? Achieve all three with Elastic. Defense-in-depth in todays environment means more than advancing single-serving technologies to solve for narrow use cases (i.e. stopping malware). Operations and security teams can work together on a single platform and help drive mean time to detect/resolve to zero for both operational and security issues.

In this webinar, you'll learn:

  • How Elastic helps customers break down artificial silos between teams and use cases in our movement towards a DevSecOps culture
  • The advantages of ingesting and analyzing all your operational and security data into a unified platform rather than focusing on single-serving use cases
  • How to integrate various technologies into a single stack
  • How to monitor information and detect suspicious activity at scale

Speaker Bios

Paul Ewing

Paul Ewing is a Senior Product Manager at Elastic where he leads the pre-built protection efforts within Elastic Security. As a former researcher and engineer, he prototyped analytics to detect and hunt for malicious behaviors and techniques.

Moises Cosio

Moises Cosio is a Principal Product Manager in Elastic. He is responsible for the strategy to transform the way Security and Operations teams interact with a single unified platform to reduce mean time to respond and provide the best experience to their customers at the lowest total cost of ownership. Moises has over 14 years of international experience in multiple industries focused on leading operations and product management teams. He has previously worked at global companies like Citigroup, General Electric, and Endgame where he led different products like the Endgame Cloud that was named to the Forbes 2018 Best private Cloud 100 companies in the world.   

Jacob Williams

Jacob Williams is a SANS Analyst, certified SANS instructor, course author and designer of several NetWars challenges for use in SANS' popular, "gamified" information security training suite. Jake spent more than a decade in information security roles at several government agencies, developing specialties in offensive forensics, malware development, and digital counter-espionage. Jake is the founder of Rendition InfoSec, which provides penetration testing, digital forensics and incident response, expertise in cloud-data exfiltration and the tools and guidance to secure client data against sophisticated, persistent attack on-premises and in the cloud.

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