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Below you can find all webcasts that have already been presented since 2013. You can view these webcasts and download the slides by logging into your SANS Portal Account or creating an Account. Once you have logged in, click the Register Now button on your webcast of choice to view the Webcast and download slides.

Date (in UTC) Title Sponsor Speaker
Dec 20, 2013Performing Incident Response Inside Power SCADA Systems / Realizando Respuesta a Incidentes en Sistemas SCADA de EnergiaManuel Humberto Santander Peláez
Dec 18, 2013SANS Survey of IT Security in Health Care Part II: About the DataOracleGeoff Schwartz, Barbara Filkins
Dec 12, 2013FOR572 Network Forensics Preview: DHCP and DNS, 'The Correlators'Philip Hagen
Dec 11, 2013First Things First The Top 4 Security Mitigation StrategiesPalo Alto NetworksEric Cole, PhD
Dec 10, 2013SANS Survey Results on BYOD Security Policies and PracticesTrusted Computing Group

Courtney Imbert, Lisa Lorenzin, Joshua Wright
Dec 9, 2013Layered Security: Why It WorksSymantecKat Pelak, Jerry Shenk
Dec 6, 2013Hunting Attackers with Network Audit TrailsLancopeTom Cross
Dec 4, 2013Safety in Numbers: The Value of Crowd-Sourced Threat IntelligenceAlienVaultJaime Blasco, Dave Shackleford
Dec 2, 2013Prowling Peer-to-Peer BotnetsCrowdStrike, Inc.George Kurtz
Nov 25, 2013ICS/SCADA Honeypot Pros & ConsBrent Huston
Nov 21, 2013How Two Factor Authentication Defends Against User Targeted AttacksDuo SecurityDug Song, John Pescatore
Nov 20, 2013FedRAMP Update: Secure Government Use of Cloud ServicesJohn Pescatore
Nov 19, 20132014 Security PredictionsWebsenseJeff Debrosse
Nov 15, 2013FOR572 Network Forensics Preview: IT'S ALIVE!!! Investigating with Network-based EvidencePhilip Hagen
Nov 12, 2013FOR585 Advanced Smartphone and Mobile Device Forensics Preview: Bypassing Locked Smartphones - Are you really locked out?Heather Mahalik
Nov 11, 2013Managing Threats and Compliance While Automating the CSCs: EiQ SecureVue ReviewEiQnetworksJerry Shenk, Brian Mehlman
Nov 10, 2013SANS Asia-Pacific Series: ICS Attack SurfacesDr. Eric Cole
Nov 8, 2013Finding Hidden Threats by Decrypting SSL/TLSBlue Coat Systems, Inc.David Wells, J. Michael Butler
Nov 7, 2013"Reading the Security Tea Leaves" - The Story from 50 million VulnerabilitiesWhiteHat SecurityEd Bellis, Matt Johansen
Nov 6, 2013SANS DHS CDM Award WorkshopForescout Technologies BV

Knowledge Consulting Group, Inc.


Tripwire, Inc.

Lumeta Corp.


Tony Sager, John Pescatore
Nov 5, 2013Enhancing Security Analytics with Endpoint ForensicsGuidance SoftwareJason Fredrickson, John Pescatore
Nov 1, 2013PCI DSS Simplified: What You Need to KnowAlienVaultSandy Hawke
Oct 30, 2013The SANS Survey of IT Security in Health CareOracle



Trend Micro Inc.
Pete Angstadt, JD Sherry, David Schreiber, Daniel Berger, Barbara Filkins
Oct 29, 2013Analyst Webcast: Not your Father's IPS: SANS Survey on Network Security ResultsHP Martha Aviles, Rob Vandenbrink
Oct 28, 2013Web Application Security by ExampleFrank Kim
Oct 27, 2013Iowa Counties Paying IT ForwardAlan Paller
Oct 24, 2013Dumping in the Dark: Gaining Insight into your Memory Acquisition Tools and TechniquesAlissa Torres
Oct 23, 2013Identify & Eliminate Targeted Attack Activity with CrowdStrike Falcon Host Endpoint Activity Monitoring, Threat DetectionCrowdStrike, Inc.Dmitri Alperovitch
Oct 18, 2013Six Steps to SIEM SuccessAlienVaultTom D'Aquino, Sandy Hawke
Oct 17, 2013Utilizing Real-Time Analytics for Rapid Threat Detection and Increased Intelligence CapabilitiesBlue Coat Systems, Inc.John Vecchi, Dave Shackleford
Oct 16, 2013Take Control! 7 Steps to Prioritize Your Security ProgramRapid7 Inc.Matt Hathaway, John Pescatore
Oct 15, 2013Absence of the Normal, Presence of the Abnormal
Oct 10, 2013First Things First The Top 4 Security Mitigation Strategies
Oct 10, 2013Securing Web Applications Made Simple and ScalableHP Gregory Leonard, Mark Painter, Stephen Sims
Oct 8, 2013Correlating Real-Time Event Data with SIEM for Forensics and Incident HandlingMcafee LLCJacob Williams, Bret Lenmark
Oct 8, 2013Finding Unknown MalwareAISAHal Pomeranz
Oct 4, 2013John Pescatore Analyst Webcast - Actionable Tools for Convincing Management to Fund Application Security WhiteHat SecurityJohn Pescatore, Jeremiah Grossman
Oct 3, 2013SANS Analytics and Intelligence Survey Results Part II: Tools and TechniquesLogRhythm

Hexis Cyber Solutions


Guidance Software

Katherine Lam, Nicole Pauls, Mike Reagan, Dave Shackleford
Oct 2, 2013Prioritizing Security ResourcesEric Cornelius
Oct 1, 2013SANS Analytics and Intelligence Survey Results Part I: The Risk LandscapeLogRhythm

Hexis Cyber Solutions


Guidance Software

Richard Park, Alfred Chung, Dave Shackleford
Sep 30, 2013Introduction to Behavioral Analysis of Malicious SoftwareLenny Zeltser
Sep 27, 2013Hacking Exposed Live Webcast Series: TOR ALL THE THINGSCrowdStrike, Inc.Jason Geffner, George Kurtz
Sep 26, 2013Testing Next Gen FirewallsFortinet, Inc.

Phil Trainor, Patrick Bedwell, Eric Cole, PhD
Sep 18, 2013Have No Fear - DFIR Is Here!Lenny Zeltser , Chad Tilbury, Rob Lee
Sep 17, 2013How to Become a Certified SANS Instructor
Sep 16, 2013Forensic Update: Whats New and Whats NextJess Garcia
Sep 10, 2013Applying the 32 Zombieland Rules to IT Security
Sep 10, 2013Under Pressure: Scaling Analytics to Meet Real-Time ThreatsLogRhythmDave Shackleford
Sep 9, 2013Using the DHS Continuous Diagnostics and Mitigation Contract to Make Real Security AdvancesTony Sager, John Pescatore
Sep 5, 2013How to Fight the Real DDoS ThreatArbor NetworksRakesh Shah, John Pescatore
Sep 3, 2013Putting your security assessment budget on a leash while avoiding the Pentest Puppy MillJohn Strand, Paul Asadoorian
Aug 23, 2013Preparing for Effective Threat Detection and ResponseAlienVaultRussell Spitler, Dave Shackleford
Aug 22, 2013Essential Tools for Testing and Securing a Mobile Applications PortfolioHP Daniel Miessler
Aug 21, 2013Managing Identities in the Cloud Without Sacrificing Corporate Control: A Review of McAfeeMcafee LLCGraham Clarke, Dave Shackleford
Aug 9, 2013Security Visibility in Under An Hour with AlienVault USMAlienVaultChristopher Melie
Aug 6, 2013WhatWorks in Detecting and Blocking Advanced Threats at a Large Research OrganizationFireEyeJohn Pescatore
Jul 24, 2013Hacking Exposed Live Webcast SeriesCrowdStrike, Inc.Adam Meyers, George Kurtz
Jul 18, 2013Digital Forensics in Modern Times: A SANS SurveyCarbon Black


Ken Mizota, Rudolph Araujo, Buddy Tidwell, Ilana Goddess, Paul A. Henry, Ben Wright
Jul 16, 2013Securing Help Desks: A SANS SurveyRSAJeff Carpenter, Barbara Filkins
Jul 12, 2013APT: The threat is real, well funded, and coming for your dataGuidance Software
Jul 10, 2013Network and Endpoint Security "Get Hitched" for Better Visibility and ResponseCarbon BlackMichael Bilancieri, Jerry Shenk
Jul 8, 2013Architecting a Flexible Strategy for Securing Enterprise and Personal Mobile Devices (BYOD)Forescout Technologies BVScott Gordon, Phil Hochmuth
Jun 25, 2013Critical Security Controls SurveyFireEye


Tony Sager, Anil Nandigam, Kevin Skapinetz, John Bordwine, Ron Gula, John Pescatore
Jun 19, 2013Cast a Wider Net: Network-Based Approach to APTsFidelis Cybersecurity Kurt Bertone, John Pescatore
Jun 19, 2013What Matters in Your Chatter?IBMWestley McDuffie
Jun 18, 2013Implementing Hardware Roots of TrustTrusted Computing GroupStacy Cannady, Chris Hallum, John Pescatore, Gal Shpantzer
Jun 10, 2013SANS Industrial Control Systems Security Briefing - Live from Houston, TXWaterfall Security

Jun 7, 2013Meeting the Need for Speed (and Resiliency) in Security Management SystemsMcafee LLCBret Lenmark, J. Michael Butler
Jun 6, 2013Mobile Application Security Survey ResultsBox


SAP Global Marketing
Alex Pozin, Chris Wysopal, James Jardine, Adam Stein, Kevin Johnson
Jun 5, 2013WhatWorks in Intrusion Prevention and Detection: Innovating and Evolving at a Managed Security Services ProviderFortinet, Inc.John Pescatore
May 30, 2013Why Defense, Why Now?Tripwire, Inc.Eric Cole, PhD
May 24, 2013 The Intractable Problem of Software SecurityVeracodeChris Wysopal
May 23, 201320 Critical Security ControlsBeyondTrustRandy Marchany
May 22, 2013Advanced Intelligence in Action: Review of McAfee Enterprise Security Manager 9.2Mcafee LLCDave Shackleford
May 22, 2013The Secrets of Exploiting Local and Remote File InclusionRSA ConferenceJustin Searle
May 21, 2013Delivering Situational Awareness - Putting Continuous Monitoring and the Critical Security Controls to WorkEiQnetworksJohn Pescatore, Brian Mehlman
May 20, 2013Best Practices for Leveraging Security Threat IntelligenceAlienVaultRussell Spitler, Dave Shackleford
May 1, 2013Datacenter Virtualization from a Security PerspectiveMcafee LLCDave Shackleford, Greg Brown
May 1, 2013Understanding Control System Cyber SecurityCodenomicon
Apr 30, 2013Stop 64 Percent More Malware TodaySymantecJohn Harrison, Kari Ann Christensen
Apr 30, 2013The Secrets of Exploiting Local and Remote File InclusionRSA ConferenceJustin Searle
Apr 5, 2013Continuous Monitoring: Ready for Prime Time or Still Just HypeFireEye

Forescout Technologies BV

Tripwire, Inc.
John Pescatore
Apr 3, 2013NAC Applied to the Critical Security ControlsForescout Technologies BVScott Gordon, Brian Meyer, G. Mark Hardy
Mar 26, 2013Secure Configuration in Action (and How to Apply It)Tripwire, Inc.Logan Kleier, Jim D. Hietala, Michael Thelander
Feb 26, 2013Mobile Evidence in Modern E-Discovery: Risks, Techniques and OpportunitiesCellebriteYuval Ben-Moshe, Ben Wright, Paul A. Henry
Feb 20, 2013Results of the SANS SCADA Security SurveyABB

Industrial Defender

Markus Braendle, Walter Sikora, Mark Seward, Matthew E. Luallen
Feb 19, 2013Java Web Security By ExampleCoverity, Inc.Andy Chou, Frank Kim
Feb 6, 2013The Hidden Risk of Component Based Software DevelopmentSonatypeRyan Berg
Feb 5, 2013Continuous Monitoring using the Critical ControlsQualys

Wes Medley, Eric Cole, PhD

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