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Webcasts: Archive

Date Title Sponsor Type
Dec 14, 2011ISC WebcastISC Threat Update
Dec 13, 2011SANS360: Digital Forensics and Incident Response Lightning Talk Live Webcast!Special Webcast
Dec 12, 2011"Your Pad or Mine?" Enabling Personal and Mobile Device Use On the NetworkAnalyst Webcast
Dec 6, 2011The Spy in my Pocket: A View to a Kill - Attacks on Mobile Devices and UsersSpecial Webcast
Dec 5, 2011Tools to Manage Security and Maximize Effectiveness: Worldwide Retailer Boosts Privacy with Security IntelligenceWhatWorks Webcast
Dec 2, 2011Critical Control System Vulnerabilities Demonstrated - And What to Do About ThemAnalyst Webcast
Nov 22, 2011Secure Development and Test Environments with Oracle Data MaskingTool Talk Webcast
Nov 22, 2011Information Security for SME's with Jim HerbeckSpecial Webcast
Nov 17, 2011An Introduction to the Hex Factor Challenge at SANS London 2011 With Pieter Danhieux and the Hex Factor TeamSpecial Webcast
Nov 15, 2011Who Do You Trust? SSL and TLS Under Attack with Eric ConradSpecial Webcast
Nov 10, 2011Java EE Web Security By ExampleSpecial Webcast
Nov 9, 2011ISC WebcastISC Threat Update
Nov 8, 2011An Introduction to the Hex Factor Challenge at SANS London 2011 With Pieter Danhieux, Koen Van Belrendonck and Erik Van BuggenhoutSpecial Webcast
Nov 1, 2011Scapy, Packets, Fun: IPv4 and other dead protocols with Johannes Ullrich PhDSpecial Webcast
Oct 26, 2011HTCIA and COINS are pleased to present "Super Timeline Analysis"DFIR Webcast
Oct 26, 2011Mobile Application Security with iOSSpecial Webcast
Oct 18, 2011The Intersection of Cool Mobility and Corporate Protection: Practical Steps for Assessing the Security of Mobile Devices with James TaralaSpecial Webcast
Oct 17, 2011Module 1, Networking Part 3Wednesday Webcast
Oct 13, 2011Module 1, Networking Part 2Wednesday Webcast
Oct 13, 2011How Attackers Exploit Modern, Secure Wireless NetworksAsk The Expert Webcast
Oct 12, 2011ISC WebcastISC Threat Update
Oct 11, 2011Module 1, Networking Part 1Wednesday Webcast
Oct 11, 2011Attacking the Human: A Look at Client and Customer-side Attack Vectors with Stephen SimsSpecial Webcast
Oct 6, 2011Simplified Firewall Management: It's time to migrate to next-generation firewalls-and it's easier than you thinkSpecial Webcast
Oct 5, 2011Qatar Onsite exam refresherSpecial Webcast
Oct 4, 2011Defending Against APT: IT Audit Techniques In Action with David HoelzerSpecial Webcast
Sep 29, 2011Network Forensics - A Critical Component in Digital Forensic InvestigationsDFIR Webcast
Sep 28, 2011Why Our Defenses Are Failing Us. One Click Is All It Takes... An Exclusive Live Webcast For The Attacks And Vulnerabilities Technical Track at GovWare 2011, Day 3Asia-Pacific Series
Sep 28, 2011Protecting Federal Systems from Persistent, Layered ThreatsAnalyst Webcast
Sep 27, 2011SANS NetWars Presentation with Ed SkoudisSpecial Webcast
Sep 21, 2011SANS Security 660 Series: Return-Oriented Programming and ExploitationSpecial Webcast
Sep 16, 2011The 20 Critical Controls and The Australian Top 4: Effective Utilization to Improve SecuritySpecial Webcast
Sep 15, 20115 Massive Web Security Breaches - the Companies, Vulnerabilities, Attacks and Fallout EffectsTool Talk Webcast
Sep 14, 2011ISC WebcastISC Threat Update
Sep 7, 2011Network Forensics - A Critical Component in Digital Forensic InvestigationsAsia-Pacific Series
Aug 31, 2011Leveraging SSL to Battle Emerging Security ThreatsAsk The Expert Webcast
Aug 23, 2011Cloudy With a Chance of Better Healthcare: Security and Compliance Fundamentals for Healthcare Data in the CloudAnalyst Webcast
Aug 17, 2011Keys to Making Sure You Get a Seat at the TableSpecial Webcast
Aug 16, 2011Optimized Network Monitoring for Real-World ThreatsAnalyst Webcast
Aug 10, 2011ISC WebcastISC Threat Update
Aug 3, 2011Baking Security into Applications and Networks: A Roadmap for Improving Your Enterprise Security PresenceSpecial Webcast
Aug 2, 2011IBM: Social Media: A Security and Privacy PerspectiveSpecial Webcast
Jul 27, 2011Outwit sophisticated attacks before they strike - don't be the next cyber casualtyTool Talk Webcast
Jul 26, 2011Guidance for PCI compliance of the virtualized datacenterSpecial Webcast
Jul 26, 2011How to Avoid Being Compromised?Special Webcast
Jul 21, 2011WhatWorks in Blocking Network-based Attacks: Automating Network Access, Endpoint Compliance and Threat Management ControlsWhatWorks Webcast
Jul 15, 2011Cyber Quests Challenge DevelopmentSpecial Webcast
Jul 14, 2011Protecting Access and Data: A Review of DigitalPersona Pro Version 5.1Analyst Webcast
Jul 13, 2011ISC WebcastISC Threat Update
Jun 30, 2011Practical Use of the Next-Generation Firewall to Control Advanced MalwareTool Talk Webcast
Jun 29, 2011Securing The HumanSpecial Webcast
Jun 16, 2011The Rise of Web Malware: The Impact for Your Website, Social Media, and Ad Networks and How You Can Protect Your BusinessAsk The Expert Webcast
Jun 8, 2011ISC WebcastISC Threat Update
Jun 6, 2011It's Time to Rethink Everything: A Governance, Risk, & Compliance (GRC) PrimerSpecial Webcast
May 25, 2011Moving Past the Hype: SIEM Best Practices for Daily Security OperationsTool Talk Webcast
May 24, 2011Security of Applications: It Takes a Village Featuring Dave Shackleford and Brad ArkinAnalyst Webcast
May 23, 2011Auditing Routers: Lurking Risks, Hidden HorrorsSpecial Webcast
May 19, 2011Application Whitelisting Stops Stuxnet, APTs, and the Common Cold! (Time for a Reality Check)Ask The Expert Webcast
May 17, 2011Continuous Monitoring: What it is, Why it's needed, and How to Use itAnalyst Webcast
May 13, 2011XSS and XSRF: Combining Flaws to Own the WorldSpecial Webcast
May 11, 2011ISC WebcastISC Threat Update
May 4, 2011Balancing Strong Authentication and Context-aware SecurityTool Talk Webcast
Apr 29, 2011Digital Forensic Challenges: A Law Enforcement PerspectiveWhatWorks Summit Series Webcast
Apr 28, 2011Transparent Data Encryption for Oracle DatabasesTool Talk Webcast
Apr 26, 2011SANS 7th Annual Log Management Survey Part II: Users Want Better Log Data and More of It!Special Webcast
Apr 26, 2011Evolving VoIP Threats with Paul HenrySpecial Webcast
Apr 25, 2011SANS 7th Annual Log Management Survey, Part I: More Logs, More UsesSpecial Webcast
Apr 20, 2011AISA Forensic Interest Group: Windows 7 Digital Forensic Investigations WebcastSpecial Webcast
Apr 19, 2011Extensible Role-based Access Controls (XRBAC)Analyst Webcast
Apr 19, 2011iPhone Insecurity: 2011 UpdateSpecial Webcast
Apr 15, 2011Roadmap to Achieving Cloud Security and Leveraging Web Application Security in the CloudAsk The Expert Webcast
Apr 14, 2011Addressing the 20 Critical Security Controls with SIEMAnalyst Webcast
Apr 13, 2011April Threat UpdateISC Threat Update
Apr 13, 2011April Threat UpdateISC Threat Update
Apr 13, 2011ISC WebcastISC Threat Update
Apr 12, 2011System Load TestWednesday Webcast
Apr 12, 2011A Taste of SANS Security 660 - Network Attacks and ManipulationSpecial Webcast
Apr 8, 2011vLive! - Debugging Unix Systems using SELinux toolsSpecial Webcast
Apr 7, 2011Improve firewall security odds: Prevent misconfigurations and compliance concerns by automating firewall auditsSpecial Webcast
Apr 5, 2011Evolving VoIP ThreatsSpecial Webcast
Mar 29, 2011Windows 7 Digital Forensic InvestigationsSpecial Webcast
Mar 24, 2011Web 2.0 Security: Same old but differentAsk The Expert Webcast
Mar 23, 2011Managing Insiders (Contractors, Vendors, and Employees) in SCADA EnvironmentsAnalyst Webcast
Mar 22, 2011Guidance for PCI compliance of the virtualized datacenter.Special Webcast
Mar 18, 2011Legal Practices and Expectations for Data Security and InvestigationsSpecial Webcast
Mar 15, 2011A Taste of SANS Security 660 - Exploit-Writing in a Modern World (Part III of III)Special Webcast
Mar 8, 2011ISC WebcastISC Threat Update
Mar 3, 2011Oracle Database Firewall: Your First Line of DefenseTool Talk Webcast
Mar 2, 2011Internal Investigation Best Practices: How Automated Analysis Streamlines Digital InvestigationsTool Talk Webcast
Mar 1, 2011Bullseye on the Back: Adobe's Product Security ProgramAsk The Expert Webcast
Feb 25, 2011The Human Sensor ProjectSpecial Webcast
Feb 24, 2011Continuous Monitoring: NOT Harder Than It LooksAsk The Expert Webcast
Feb 23, 2011How to Avoid Being Compromised? Featuring Dr. Eric ColeSpecial Webcast
Feb 15, 2011A Taste of SANS Security 660 - Network Access, Manipulation and Exploitation (Oh My!) (Part II of III)Special Webcast
Feb 11, 2011Proactive Compliance for new PCI-DSS 2.0Special Webcast
Feb 9, 2011ISC WebcastISC Threat Update
Feb 3, 2011Improve firewall security odds: Prevent misconfigurations and compliance concerns by automating firewall audits.Special Webcast
Feb 2, 2011Pre-flight Checklists & Seatbelts for Your Applications Trip to the CloudTool Talk Webcast
Feb 1, 2011Remote Administration and Security ComplianceAnalyst Webcast
Jan 31, 2011From Exposure to Closure - The life and times of an exploitable Vulnerability An Industrial Control Systems ViewSpecial Webcast
Jan 28, 2011Ninja Developers: Penetration Testing and Your SDLCSpecial Webcast
Jan 27, 2011A Real-Time Approach to Continuous MonitoringAnalyst Webcast
Jan 25, 2011Oracle Database Vault: Increasing Application and Data SecurityTool Talk Webcast
Jan 24, 2011SCADA APAC Summit: Advanced Methodologies for Whitebox and Blackbox testing of Critical EnvironmentsSpecial Webcast
Jan 19, 2011Extranet Security: 5 Steps to a Comprehensive StrategyTool Talk Webcast
Jan 19, 2011Why Your End Users Are Your Weakest Link Asia-Pacific Series
Jan 18, 2011A Taste of SANS Security 660 - Advanced Penetration Testing, Exploits, and Ethical Hacking (Part I of III)Special Webcast
Jan 17, 2011Quick Wins for Effective System & Network SecuritySpecial Webcast
Jan 13, 2011A Primer to AJAX SecurityWhatWorks Summit Series Webcast
Jan 12, 2011ISC WebcastISC Threat Update
Jan 11, 2011Beyond AV: Total Endpoint Security For Multi-Regulatory Compliance and Better Security (This webcast is a re-release of a previously aired webcast)Tool Talk Webcast
Jan 7, 2011Emerging Threats: Advanced Persistent Threats (APT) and How they Impact SCADA: APT Disection, Detection, Remediation, and RecoverySpecial Webcast

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