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Date Title Sponsor Type
Dec 17, 2009WhatWorks in Blocking Network-Based AttacksWhatWorks Webcast
Dec 16, 2009Transparent Data Encryption: New Technologies and Best Practices for Database EncryptionSpecial Webcast
Dec 16, 2009Advanced Man-In-The-Middle Attacks & IDS/IPS/AV Evasion TechniquesSpecial Webcast
Dec 15, 2009Data Leakage Prevention: Laying the GroundworkSpecial Webcast
Dec 15, 2009What Happened After Conficker?Special Webcast
Dec 15, 2009SEC564 Security Architecture Threat Update: What Happened After Conficker?Special Webcast
Dec 14, 2009Encryption Prevents Data BreachesTool Talk Webcast
Dec 11, 2009The Top 5 Fastest ROI Projects Around Identity AssuranceAsk The Expert Webcast
Dec 10, 2009Best Practice Defense Against Socially Engineered MalwareAsk The Expert Webcast
Dec 9, 2009ISC Threat Update
Dec 8, 2009New Tools on the Bot War FrontAnalyst Webcast
Dec 3, 2009Content-Aware SIEM with Anton ChuvakinSpecial Webcast
Dec 2, 2009Building Secure Applications: Avoiding the SANS Top 25 Most Dangerous Programming ErrorsTool Talk Webcast
Nov 24, 2009What is New For Security In Windows 7 and Server 2008-R2 Special Webcast
Nov 19, 2009Cloud Security 101: Web Application Security Trends & Why It Should Be Top Priority Now!Ask The Expert Webcast
Nov 19, 2009State of the HackSpecial Webcast
Nov 18, 2009A Day In The Life Of A Configuration Compliance ExceptionTool Talk Webcast
Nov 12, 2009Straight Talk with NSS Labs on Evaluating a Network IPSTool Talk Webcast
Nov 11, 2009ISC Threat Update
Nov 4, 2009Making Database Security an IT Security PriorityAnalyst Webcast
Nov 2, 2009 Professional Incident DetectionSpecial Webcast
Oct 28, 2009Network Control Meets Endpoint SecurityTool Talk Webcast
Oct 27, 2009Mobile Device ForensicsSpecial Webcast
Oct 27, 2009Protecting a Smarter Grid: Power Utility SecurityAnalyst Webcast
Oct 26, 2009Achieving Web Application Integrity with WebDefend: Beyond Web Application FirewallsTool Talk Webcast
Oct 22, 2009What is New For Security In Windows 7 and Server 2008-R2Special Webcast
Oct 22, 2009Application Whitelisting: Explanation and UsesAnalyst Webcast
Oct 21, 2009SANS 2010 Events and Sponsorship OptionsWednesday Webcast
Oct 21, 2009Automated Malware Threat Analysis: Getting actionable intelligence on attacks effectively and efficientlyTool Talk Webcast
Oct 20, 2009 Changing the Way We Manage Vulnerabilities & PatchingSpecial Webcast
Oct 20, 2009SEC 526: Advanced Filesystem RecoverySpecial Webcast
Oct 14, 2009Internet Storm Center Threat Update ISC Threat Update
Oct 12, 2009Top 10 Ways to Get the Most Out of Your Log DataAsk The Expert Webcast
Oct 8, 2009IT Audit for the Virtual EnvironmentAnalyst Webcast
Oct 7, 2009What Course Should I Take at SANS London 2009? Question and Answer SessionWednesday Webcast
Oct 7, 2009Windows Forensic Analysis: Dissecting the Windows RegistrySpecial Webcast
Oct 6, 2009The Best Defense is a Good Offense: Using Correlation to Actively Fend off AttacksAsk The Expert Webcast
Oct 2, 2009SEC566: 20 Critical Security Controls - In DepthSpecial Webcast
Oct 1, 2009SEC542: Web Application Penetration Testing & Ethical HackingSpecial Webcast
Sep 30, 2009Is Your Organization Losing the Cyber-War? Tool Talk Webcast
Sep 30, 2009SEC508: Computer Forensics, Investigation & ResponseWednesday Webcast
Sep 30, 2009NRI Webcast: Pass-the-Hash Attack with MeterpreterWednesday Webcast
Sep 29, 2009What Every Pen Tester Should Know About Web ApplicationsSpecial Webcast
Sep 29, 2009Identity-Aware Networking Done RightTool Talk Webcast
Sep 29, 2009DEV541: Secure Coding in Java/JEE: Developing Defensible ApplicationsSpecial Webcast
Sep 28, 2009WhatWorks in Firewalls, Enterprise Antivirus and Unified Threat Management: Virtualizing Server Security with the U.S. Army Human Resource CommandWhatWorks Webcast
Sep 28, 2009COINS: ISSA Members - Memory Analysis for Incident Responders and Forensic AnalystsSpecial Webcast
Sep 25, 2009SEC401: SANS Security Essentials Bootcamp StyleSpecial Webcast
Sep 24, 2009It All Starts with Log Management: Leveraging the Best in Database Security, Security Event Management and Change Management to Achieve TransparencyTool Talk Webcast
Sep 24, 2009SEC560: Network Penetration Testing & Ethical HackingSpecial Webcast
Sep 20, 2009SANS Technology Institute: Fourth Commencement CeremonySpecial Webcast
Sep 17, 2009Staying Ahead of the Latest Endpoint Security Threats Featuring highlights from the IBM X-Force 2009 Mid-year Trend and Risk ReportTool Talk Webcast
Sep 15, 2009SIEM and DLP - Strength in IntegrationTool Talk Webcast
Sep 15, 2009SEC709: Developing Exploits for Penetration Testers and Security ResearchersSpecial Webcast
Sep 14, 2009Stop Cache Poisoning Attacks With DNSSECTool Talk Webcast
Sep 11, 2009WhatWorks in Intrusion Detection and Prevention: Securing Servers for PCI Compliance with The White CompanyWhatWorks Webcast
Sep 10, 2009Mitigating Insider Threats through Proactive Identity ManagementTool Talk Webcast
Sep 9, 2009ISC Threat Update
Sep 8, 2009What is New For Security In Windows 7 and Server 2008-R2Special Webcast
Sep 2, 2009The Future of SIM and Log Management - Becoming a Part of the Mainstream, IT Operations and Service DeliveryTool Talk Webcast
Aug 27, 2009The 4 Laws of CyberSecuritySpecial Webcast
Aug 25, 2009Improving your Security Posture: Centralizing Traditional and non-traditional Security DataSpecial Webcast
Aug 25, 2009APAC Webcast: Pass-the-Hash Attack with MeterpreterSpecial Webcast
Aug 21, 2009Exploiting and Defending Wireless ClientsSpecial Webcast
Aug 20, 2009AV Migration - Should You Stay or Should You Go?Tool Talk Webcast
Aug 18, 2009Top Ten Virtualization Security Mistakes and How to Avoid ThemAnalyst Webcast
Aug 13, 2009"Three Keys To Understanding and Implementing the Twenty Critical Controls for Improved Security in Federal Agencies"Special Webcast
Aug 12, 2009ISC Threat UpdateISC Threat Update
Aug 7, 2009Cyber Security in Critical Infrastructure: Responding to Incidents in the 21st CenturySpecial Webcast
Aug 5, 2009Finding the Root Cause of Any Security Alert - FastTool Talk Webcast
Jul 30, 2009Budget Wireless Assessment using Kismet-NewcoreSpecial Webcast
Jul 29, 2009Six Things you Need to Consider Before Buying a Log Management ToolAsk The Expert Webcast
Jul 23, 2009HP Tackles Cloud Application SecurityTool Talk Webcast
Jul 22, 2009SANS INFOSEC Leadership Communications Skills: How to Persuade Other Executives to Implement Security Controls When You Have No Authority Over ThemAsk The Expert Webcast
Jul 21, 2009Managing Change and Event Monitoring for Sustainable NERC CIP ComplianceAsk The Expert Webcast
Jul 15, 2009When You're Holding a Hammer, Everything Looks Like a Nail: Avoiding the Hype and Making Good Technology DecisionsSpecial Webcast
Jul 14, 2009Virtual RoundtableSpecial Webcast
Jul 14, 2009SANS Atlanta Alumni LunchSpecial Webcast
Jul 8, 2009Expert Briefing: Mobile Device Forensics EssentialsSpecial Webcast
Jul 8, 2009ISC Threat Update
Jul 7, 2009Cyber Terrorism: Fact or FictionSpecial Webcast
Jun 30, 2009Next-Generation Log Management: Optimized for the Broad Market - Five Distinct Advantages of the QRadar Log Management SolutionTool Talk Webcast
Jun 25, 2009Blocking the Covert Channels Used for Malicious Data TheftTool Talk Webcast
Jun 24, 2009GIAC Paper of the Quarter: Mobile Device ForensicsSpecial Webcast
Jun 23, 2009Network Forensics: No Hard Drive? No Problem!Special Webcast
Jun 19, 2009SANSFIRE 2009: How to be a SANS InstructorSpecial Webcast
Jun 18, 2009SANSFIRE 2009: Building an Automated Malware Behavioral Analysis Environment using Free and Open-source Tools.Special Webcast
Jun 18, 2009SANSFIRE 2009: SANSvLive!Launch Party . . . SANS Goes VirtualSpecial Webcast
Jun 18, 2009SANSFIRE 2009: Developing Cyber Threat IntelligenceSpecial Webcast
Jun 18, 2009The Security Implications of Web 2.0Tool Talk Webcast
Jun 17, 2009SANSFIRE 2009: Malwares, Money and Criminal/Terror Activity. The Dangerous RelationshipSpecial Webcast
Jun 17, 2009SANSFIRE 2009: SOA and XML securitySpecial Webcast
Jun 17, 2009SANSFIRE 2009: GeekonomicsSpecial Webcast
Jun 17, 2009How to Manage Endpoints in a Distributed, Cloud-based EnvironmentTool Talk Webcast
Jun 17, 2009InfraGard Security Academy BriefingSpecial Webcast
Jun 16, 2009SANSFIRE 2009: State of the Internet Panel DiscussionSpecial Webcast
Jun 16, 2009SANSFIRE 2009: Stimulus-Response Technical Tools for AuditorsSpecial Webcast
Jun 15, 2009SANSFIRE 2009: Using passive DNS Data to Track Malicious ActivitiesSpecial Webcast
Jun 15, 2009SANSFIRE 2009: IOScat - a Port of Netcat's TCP functions to Cisco IOSSpecial Webcast
Jun 15, 2009SANSFIRE 2009: Protecting Your Secret Sauce: Tips and Techniques in Protecting Your Intellectual PropertySpecial Webcast
Jun 15, 2009SANSFIRE 2009: The Twenty Critical Security ControlsSpecial Webcast
Jun 14, 2009SANSFIRE 2009: Iowa Floods and Tornados - Losses and IT Lessons Learned - Disaster Recovery and Restoration After the Storms.Special Webcast
Jun 10, 2009ISC Threat Update
Jun 10, 2009The Three Faces of Cyber Crime.Special Webcast
Jun 9, 2009Fort Detrick - ReviewSpecial Webcast
Jun 9, 2009Novell ZENworks Endpoint Security Management- A Technical DemonstrationSpecial Webcast
Jun 8, 2009The Three Faces of Cyber CrimeSpecial Webcast
Jun 8, 2009The Three Faces of Cyber Crime.Special Webcast
Jun 4, 2009Stopping Bad Guys and Satisfying Auditors with Pragmatic Database SecuritySpecial Webcast
Jun 3, 2009Enabling a Productive, Mobile Workforce with Endpoint SecuritySpecial Webcast
May 28, 2009Lessons Learned: Understanding the Recent Rash of Security IncidentsAsk The Expert Webcast
May 27, 2009WhatWorks in Firewalls, Enterprise Antivirus and Unified Threat Management: Better Firewall Functionality and Cost Savings at HaworthSpecial Webcast
May 20, 2009Zero-Day Correlation Part 2, Rule-Building Demonstration Special Webcast
May 20, 2009Common Attack Techniques and DefensesAsia-Pacific Series
May 19, 2009Webcast Panel: Essential Incident Response TechniquesSpecial Webcast
May 13, 2009ISC Threat Update
Apr 30, 2009Columbo Meets Jack Bauer: Detecting Fraud through Correlation AnalysisTool Talk Webcast
Apr 29, 2009Memory Analysis for Incident Responders and Forensic AnalystsSpecial Webcast
Apr 28, 2009SANS SEC709: Custom Exploitation Techniques to Optimize Your Penetration TestingSpecial Webcast
Apr 23, 2009Virtualization Security 101Special Webcast
Apr 21, 2009"The 20 Coolest Jobs in Information Security"Special Webcast
Apr 20, 2009Security 504: Hacker Techniques, Exploits & Incident Handling : PreviewAsia-Pacific Series
Apr 20, 2009Security 508: Computer Forensics, Investigation & Response : PreviewAsia-Pacific Series
Apr 20, 2009Security 401: SANS Security Essentials Bootcamp Style : PreviewAsia-Pacific Series
Apr 15, 2009Bridging the Assessment - Remediation GapTool Talk Webcast
Apr 8, 2009Internet Storm Center Threat Update ISC Threat Update
Apr 7, 2009SANS Fifth Annual Log Management Survey Special Webcast
Apr 2, 2009Protecting Essential Cardholder DataTool Talk Webcast
Apr 1, 2009Is Log Management the Killer App for Cloud Computing?Tool Talk Webcast
Mar 26, 2009Zero Day CorrelationAsk The Expert Webcast
Mar 24, 2009The Pen Testing Perfect Storm Part III: Network Reconstructive SurgerySpecial Webcast
Mar 18, 2009Mid-Market PCI Survival Guide: Strategies for Securing Your Web ApplicationsSpecial Webcast
Mar 18, 2009Build Your Own Army of Darkness: XSS Frameworks for Zombies and ProfitWednesday Webcast
Mar 17, 2009Building a Business Justification for Data SecuritySpecial Webcast
Mar 12, 2009Federal Desktop Core Configuration (FDCC): What is It? Should Enterprises Adopt It?Tool Talk Webcast
Mar 11, 2009ISC Threat Update
Feb 27, 2009test webcastSpecial Webcast
Feb 24, 2009Pillage the Village: Pilfering & Plundering for better Penetration TestsSpecial Webcast
Feb 19, 2009The New Security Reality: The Need to Look Beyond Log Management and SIEMTool Talk Webcast
Feb 17, 2009Virtual Roundtable with Ed Skoudis and Surprise PanelSpecial Webcast
Feb 17, 2009Preview of Security 509 - Securing OracleSpecial Webcast
Feb 11, 2009Internet Storm Center Threat Update ISC Threat Update
Feb 5, 2009Benchmarking SIEMSpecial Webcast
Feb 4, 2009What can we learn from the web attacks of 2008?Ask The Expert Webcast
Jan 21, 2009The Pen Testing Perfect Storm Part II: Anatomy of a Client-Side MutinySpecial Webcast
Jan 20, 2009Log Management Drivers, Requirements, and TrendsAnalyst Webcast
Jan 15, 2009How To Stop New Threats That Target ApplicationsTool Talk Webcast
Jan 14, 200912 Laws of IT Security PowerSpecial Webcast
Jan 14, 2009Internet Storm CenterISC Threat Update
Jan 8, 2009Maximizing Your Risk Reduction: Data Leakage Prevention on the NetworkSpecial Webcast

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