2023 Survey Event | Threat Hunting: Focusing on the Hunters and How Best to Support Them

As vendors develop new software or tools for threat hunting, we need to remember that threat hunting is predominantly a human-based activity in looking for incidents that our automated tools have not yet found, or cannot yet detect. This year, our survey will focus on the hunters themselves and how their organizations support threat hunting. Are hunters asked to complete multiple tasks at once? How much focus is given to threat hunting compared with other cybersecurity tasks? We look further at the skills that threat hunters must hone as they are just starting out and to skillsets of those who have been hunting for many years. We again will compare year-on-year trends to see how organizations have shifted their perspectives on threat hunting.

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Timeline (EDT)

Session Details

10:30SANS authors share data and results of our 2023 Threat Hunting Survey, as well as analysis of threat hunting trends in the coming year - and how 2023 results compare with past SANS threat hunting surveys.

Mathias Fuchs Certified Instructor, SANS

Josh Lemon Certified Instructor, SANS


Network Threat Hunting at the Speed of Attack

Because virtually all cyberattacks must cross the network and adversaries cannot avoid leaving fingerprints behind, the network offers threat hunters a comprehensive hunting ground to identify evidence of both live and historic attack activity. This presentation will deliver guidance on achieving hunt-optimized network visibility and provide attendees with real examples of high value hunts that can be conducted on the network.

John Gamble Sr. Director, Product Marketing, Corelight


Better Faster Stronger: AI's Future in Threat Investigations

Many security teams lack the resources to proactively hunt for threats and struggle with analyst burnout from excessive alerts and manual processes. In this session, Steve Morrow will show how AI can be applied in threat hunting and alert investigations to increase analyst effectiveness and better protect the organization.

Stephen Morrow Global VP of Solution Engineering, Devo


Threat Hunting Panel Discussion

Josh and Mathias will lead a conversation with our special guests, John Gamble, Chris Hall and Stephen Morrow.