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Cybersecurity Management Webcasts

SANS Webcasts are live web broadcasts that allow you to hear a knowledgeable speaker while viewing presentation slides that you download in advance. You need either Real Audio Player or Windows Media Player (free downloads are available on the webcast access page), and a SANS Account. If you aren't a member of the SANS.org Community, just go to the Join Community page and fill in the simple registration form, it's free.

Title Speaker Date Sponsor
3-part series: PowerShell for Audit, Compliance and Security Automation and Visualization Part 3: Beyond CSVs - Visualization using PowerShell, Excel and Grafana Clay Risenhoover Jan 21, 2021 --
3-part series: PowerShell for Audit, Compliance and Security Automation and Visualization Part 2: Audit and Compliance Data Acquisition with PowerShell Clay Risenhoover Jan 14, 2021 --
Management View of How Cloud Security Services Help Your Organization Leapfrog on Security - SANS@MIC Jan 12, 2021 --
3-part series: PowerShell for Audit, Compliance and Security Automation and Visualization Part 1: Introduction to Automation with PowerShell Clay Risenhoover Jan 7, 2021 --
New Five Day Security Culture Course Lance Spitzner and Russell Eubanks Nov 12, 2020 --
SANS 2020 Vulnerability Management Survey: A Panel Discussion David Hazar Nov 11, 2020 Qualys
SANS 2020 Vulnerability Management Survey David Hazar Nov 10, 2020 Anomali
Beyond Compliance: Tips to Deliver Engaging Application Security Training Scott Russo Oct 30, 2020 Secure Code Warrior
Building a Cybersecurity Risk Management Program Matt Webster Oct 6, 2020 --
Strategic Elements for a Next Gen SOC: A Leader’s Perspective Cory A. Mazzola Sep 28, 2020 --
SANS Vulnerability Management Maturity Model Jonathan Risto Aug 20, 2020 --
How to Show Business Benefit by Moving to Risk-Based Vulnerability Management John Pescatore, Nathan Wenzler Aug 11, 2020 Tenable
SANS@MIC - 10 Visibility Gaps Every CISO Must Fill Russell Eubanks Jul 27, 2020 --
XSOAR HANDS-ON WORKSHOP: Take Your SOC To The Next Level! Andy Shepherd, Patrick Bayle Jul 23, 2020 Palo Alto Networks
Cyber Security 101 for Human Resource Professionals Kelli Tarala Jul 22, 2020 --
Force Multiplier: How we use SOAR to maximize our own SOC analyst efficiency while minimizing fatigue and burnout Chris Gebhardt, Chris Crowley Jul 16, 2020 Stratozen
Becoming a CISO: Leading Transformation Frank Kim Jul 8, 2020 --
Consulting: What Makes a Good Consultant, from the “Hiring One” and “Being One” perspectives Ted Demopoulos Jul 7, 2020 --
How to work in ways that will make your boss take notice! Russell Eubanks Jul 7, 2020 --
Leading the Cloud transformation - Building the Roadmap Jason Lam Jun 26, 2020 --
How to Present Cyber Security Risk to Senior Leadership James Tarala Jun 25, 2020 --
Leveraging Organizational Change to Build a Strong Security Culture Lance Spitzner Jun 19, 2020 --
2020 Asset Management Trends: As IT Complexity Increases, Visibility Plummets Nathan Burke, Chris Dale, Dave Gruber Jun 18, 2020 Axonius
Cybersecurity: Why Asset Management Matters Andrew Senko Jun 15, 2020 Axonius
Supercharge your security operations with the brand new MGT551 - Building and Leading Security Operations Centers! John Hubbard Jun 12, 2020 --
SANS @MIC Talk - Prioritizing OT Security Efforts: The Five Tactical Things to Accomplish While Leadership Defines a Security Program Don C. Weber May 27, 2020 --
How to Better Understand HR to Accomplish our Cybersecurity Goals Jim Michaud May 21, 2020 --
What’s Next in Vulnerability Management Chris Carlson May 19, 2020 Qualys
Arming your SOC with SOAR in Today’s Threat Landscape Jay Spann May 19, 2020 Swimlane
Security Leadership: Managing in Turbulent Times, presented by SANS Summits Frank Kim, Kathy Wang, Lance Spitzner, Lenny Zeltser, Russell Eubanks and Rick Holland May 5, 2020 --
SANS @MIC Talk - Reflections of a New CISO: 5 Lessons Learned Lenny Zeltser Apr 29, 2020 --
How Operational Technology (OT) Security is Redefining the CISO Role Claroty Chief Security Officer Dave Weinstein and Don Weber of SANS Institute Apr 28, 2020 Claroty Inc.
3 ways to advance your vulnerability management program TODAY! Jonathan Risto Apr 16, 2020 --
What’s Next in Vulnerability Management Prateek Bhajanka Apr 14, 2020 Qualys
Cortex by Palo Alto Networks Presents: Journey to the Center of the SOC Harold Moore Apr 8, 2020 Palo Alto Networks
Cybersecurity: Why Asset Management Matters Andrew Senko Apr 7, 2020 Axonius
Seven Strategies for CISOs Richard Bejtlich Apr 6, 2020 Corelight
CISO Priorities: Top Considerations for Rapidly Securing the Remote Workforce Malcolm Harkins Mar 26, 2020 Awake Security
Empower Your Security Team with Approachable Threat Intelligence Chris Crowley and Sonny Day Mar 18, 2020 Anomali
Threat Actor Analysis and Strategic Security Investments Chris Crowley and Jackie Abrams Feb 20, 2020 DomainTools
Top Five Vulnerability Management Failures (and Best Practices) David Hazar Feb 11, 2020 --
SANS Automation & Orchestration Solutions Forum Chris Crowley Jan 30, 2020 Swimlane
How to Communicate about Security Vulnerabilities Jonathan Risto Jan 16, 2020 --
Why as a DoD Contractor Do I Need to Be CMMC Compliant Katie Arrington Jan 14, 2020 --
Cloud Security Vulnerabilities, Management, and Communication David Hazar Dec 18, 2019 --
10 Visibility Gaps Every CISO Must Fill Russell Eubanks Dec 13, 2019 Cisco Systems Inc.
Workforce Development What Works – Jason Jury – Booz Allen Hamilton Jason Jury and John Pescatore Dec 4, 2019 --
Security Vulnerability Prioritization: Managing Millions of Vulns Jonathan Risto Nov 22, 2019 --
Hiring and retaining for the SOC: Recruit, Train, and Retain Talented and Dedicated Staff Christopher Crowley Nov 14, 2019 --
What Works in SOC/NOC Integration: Improving Time to Detect, Respond and Contain with ExtraHop Reveal(x) John Pescatore and Mitch Roberson Nov 7, 2019 ExtraHop
Vulnerability Management Vendor Briefing: Decreasing the Attack Surface with Effective Vulnerability Management Matt Bromiley Sep 27, 2019 Akamai Technologies
Hacking Your Way to Business Knowledge Kevin Garvey Sep 20, 2019 --
Keeping the Technical in Technical Management Kevin Garvey Sep 16, 2019 --
Rethinking Vulnerability Management Kevin Garvey Jul 24, 2019 --
The Critical Security Controls and Some Recent Data Breaches Chris Christianson Jul 10, 2019 --
Common and Best Practices for Security Operations Centers: Results of the 2019 SOC Survey Chris Crowley Jul 10, 2019 Anomali
Leading Change for CISOs Lance Spitzner Jul 3, 2019 Cisco Systems Inc.
Practical Approach to Vendor Risk Management & Data Privacy Norman Levine Jun 26, 2019 Spirion
Live from the Security Operations Summit: Rethinking the SOC for Long-Term Success & 2019 SANS SOC Survey Preview John Hubbard & Chris Crowley Jun 24, 2019 --
Five Keys for Successful Vulnerability Management Jonathan Risto Jun 14, 2019 --
Cybersecurity Frameworks for CISOs Frank Kim Jun 12, 2019 Cisco Systems Inc.
The 20 Critical Security Controls: From Framework to Operational to Implementation Randy Marchany Jun 11, 2019 --
How SOC Superheroes Win Salvatore Sinno and Ismael Cervantes Jun 5, 2019 Unisys
A CISO\'s Perspective on Presenting OT Risk to the Board Ilan Abadi and Dan Shugrue May 1, 2019 CyberX
Why Your Vulnerability Management Strategy Is Not Working – and What to Do About It Brandon Helms and Eric Olson Apr 24, 2019 Lookingglass Cyber Solutions, Inc.
Vulnerability Practices of Tomorrow: Part 2 of the SANS Vulnerability Management Survey Results Andrew Laman, David Hoelzer, Gaurav Banga and Nate Dyer Apr 10, 2019 Balbix
Current State of Vulnerability Management: Part 1 of the SANS Vulnerability Management Survey Results Andrew Laman, David Hoelzer, RJ Gazarek and Michael Rosen Apr 9, 2019 Balbix
Vulnerability Management for the Enterprise and Cloud Jonathan Risto Apr 2, 2019 --
Maximizing SOC Effectiveness and Efficiency with Integrated Operations and Defense John Pescatore and Arabella Hallawell Mar 12, 2019 NETSCOUT Systems, Inc.
SANS Security Operations Center Briefing: Knowledge Retention, Staff Training, Automation & Operationalization 2018 Chris Crowley, Karen Buffo and Tim Helming Nov 16, 2018 DFLabs
How to do Vulnerability Management for Containers Apurva Dave and Dave Shackleford Oct 26, 2018 Sysdig
Powering IR/SOC with Code Reuse Detection - The Emotet Case Study Matt Bromiley & Itai Tevet Sep 21, 2018 Intezer
Cloud Services - Look before you Leap David Miller Sep 19, 2018 --
What the CISO REALLY wants out of your SOC Russell Eubanks Sep 10, 2018 --
It\'s All About Your Assets: Inline Vulnerability and Event Management David Hazar Sep 5, 2018 --
How Network Traffic Analytics Eliminates Darkspace for the SOC Barbara Kay and Chris Crowley Aug 23, 2018 ExtraHop
SOC Capabilities and Usefulness: Part II of the SANS SOC Survey Results Webcast Christopher Crowley, Gary Golomb, Lital Grossman, John Moran, and John Pescatore Aug 16, 2018 Authentic8
No Single Definition of a SOC: Part I of the SANS 2018 SOC Survey Results Webcast Chris Brazdziunas, Christopher Crowley, Barbara G. Kay, John Klassen, and John Pescatore Aug 14, 2018 Authentic8
World-Class Cyber Security Operations Carson Zimmerman Aug 14, 2018 --
Security Essentials Core Concepts Ted Demopoulos Jul 30, 2018 --
Managing vulnerabilities with the PIACT process Jonathan Risto Jul 18, 2018 --
Fundamentals of Security Operations Chris Crowley Jul 12, 2018 --
Understanding the 2018 Updates to the CIS Critical Security Controls James Tarala Jun 18, 2018 --
Ten Tenets of CISO Success Frank Kim May 29, 2018 --
The Myths and Best Practices Surrounding SOC Automation: Use Cases and Success Stories John Pescatore and John Moran, Senior Product Manager, DFLabs May 3, 2018 DFLabs
Security Visibility in the Enterprise: SOC, SIEM, Managed Security and Visibility - A Master\'s Degree Presentation James Hendrick Feb 28, 2018 --
Canadian Webcast Series Part 1: Managing Vulnerabilities in the Enterprise and an Overview of the PIACT Process & Frameworks: What Are They Good For? Jonathan Risto and Kenton Smith Feb 22, 2018 --
Walk, Run, Fly: Key Characteristics of Attaining an Advanced SOC Best practice tips on how to enter the advanced SOC dimension Rishi Bhargava and Chris Crowley Feb 22, 2018 Demisto
Use Case Development for Security Operations Christopher Crowley Jan 17, 2018 --
Lessons Learned from the TalkTalk Breach - A Master\'s Candidate Webcast Ed Yuwono Dec 18, 2017 --
Integrated Security Operations - The Difference between Knowing and Guessing Matthew O\'Brien, Piero DePaoli, and John Pescatore Nov 14, 2017 ServiceNow
SANS Asia-Pacific Webcast Series- 2017 SANS SOC Survey Discussion Christopher Crowley Sep 28, 2017 --
Sensitive Data Everywhere: Results of SANS 2017 Data Protection Survey Barbara Filkins, Benjamin Wright, Cindy Chen and Sam Kumarsamy Sep 6, 2017 Infoblox
Complying with Data Protection Law in a Changing World Benjamin Wright and Neil Thacker Jun 29, 2017 Forcepoint LLC
SANS Finance Briefing: Practical Threat Modeling for Financial Organizations Jun 16, 2017 Forcepoint LLC
You Have 24 Hours to Comply: Lessons Learned from Implementing a Behavioral Ransomware Detection Framework Mark Mager Jun 12, 2017 --
Influencing and Effectively Communicating to CEOs and Boards of Directors John Pescatore and Alan Paller Apr 18, 2017 AGARI
MobileIron Security Labs: Combatting the Current State of Mobile Enterprise Security James Plouffe Mar 23, 2017 MobileIron
Complying with the General Data Protection Regulation: A Guide for Security Practitioners Benjamin Wright and Kevin Flynn Mar 8, 2017 Skybox Security, Inc.
Go Beyond Incident Response: The Benefits of a Complete Incident Management Platform Chris Crowley, Jim Pflaging, Bob Day, and Fraser Retallack Feb 8, 2017 D3 Security
Using Cisco Stealthwatch to Increase Security By Enhancing Critical Security Control Performance Jamison Budacki and John Pescatore Jan 13, 2017 Cisco Systems
Implementing the 5th Critical Security Control: Controlled Use of Administrative Privilege Paul Ackerman Nov 11, 2016 --
SANS 2016 IT Security Spending Strategies Survey Barbara Filkins, G. Mark Hardy (moderator), Simon Gibson and Gary Sockrider Feb 3, 2016 Arbor Networks
How to Leverage The Critical Controls in 2016 Randy Marchany Jan 19, 2016 --
How to speak to the board of directors about security John Pescatore, Carol G. Mills, and Demetrios Lazarikos Dec 7, 2015 WhiteHat Security
Cyber Insurance: What is Its Role in Your Security Program? John Pescatore, Benjamin Wright and Gary R. Hayslip Nov 19, 2015 PivotPoint Risk Analytics
Post-Breach Impact: A Cost Compendium Barb Filkins, Gabriel Gumbs and Johannes Hoech Nov 19, 2015 Spirion
2015 Cloud Security & Risk Benchmarks Report Brandon Cook and John Pescatore Nov 3, 2015 SkyHigh Networks
Security Best Practices for Implementing Network Segmentation in a Healthcare Environment James Tarala and Matthew Mellen Oct 30, 2015 Palo Alto Networks
Securing Your Kids Lance Spitzner Oct 21, 2015 --
Making Awareness Stick Lance Spitzner Oct 21, 2015 --
SANS and CIS Critical Security Controls Briefing Tony Sager, Jane Holl Lute, Ann Barron-DiCamillo, John Pescatore, and James Tarala Oct 16, 2015 Symantec
Securing Your Kids Lance Spitzner Oct 14, 2015 --
Certifications that Matter: Passing the CISSP David Miller Oct 8, 2015 --
Hacked, or Human Error in Fifteen Minutes or Less Stephen Northcutt and Chris Crowley Oct 6, 2015 --
Strategies to Address SANS Critical Controls 10 and 11 - Secure Configurations and Control of Network Devices John Pescatore, SANS Director of Emerging Security Trends, SANS Institute, Michelle Cobb, VP of Worldwide Marketing, Skybox Security, Brian Kelly, Sales Engineer Skybox Security Sep 24, 2015 Skybox Security, Inc.
Critical Security Controls Update: How to Keep Pace with Advanced Endpoint Threats John Pescatore and Hermes Bojaxhi Sep 16, 2015 RSA
How are Cybercriminals Threatening Security? Highlights from the 2015 Internet Security Threat Report David Hoelzer, Don Maclean, and Robert Myles Aug 18, 2015 DLT Solutions
How to Be More Effective and Improve the Success Rates of Your IT Projects Jeff Frisk Aug 5, 2015 --
Infosec Rock Star: How to be a More Effective Security Professional Ted Demopoulos Jul 17, 2015 --
SANS 2nd Financial Sector Security Survey G. Mark Hardy, Patrick Bedwell, James Carder, Rakesh Shah, and Ann Sun Jun 23, 2015 AlienVault
Visibility, Analytics, & Action: A strategy to address Critical Control 4 - Continuous Vulnerability Assessment & Remediation John Pescatore, Michelle Cobb, and Sean Keef Jun 17, 2015 Skybox Security, Inc.
Passing the CISSP Dr. Eric Cole Jun 2, 2015 --
The Value of Adopting and Improving Security Maturity Models Tony Sager and Eric Schou May 29, 2015 HP
Why Train? Lance Spitzner May 14, 2015 --
Patient healthcare data is under constant attack: Steps you can take to mitigate the problem Christopher Strand and Barbara Filkins May 6, 2015 Carbon Black
The Crazy New World of Cyber Investigations: Law, Ethics, and Evidence Ben Wright Apr 27, 2015 --
2015 Security Awareness Report Webcast Bob Rudis and Lance Spitzner Mar 27, 2015 --
Defending against advanced targeted threats with the SANS Critical Controls Andrew Avanessian and John Pescatore Mar 26, 2015 Avecto
How SANS Critical Security Controls Lead to PCI DSS Quick Wins John Pescatore and Chris Strand Mar 24, 2015 Carbon Black
A risk-based approach to identification, impact estimation, and effective remediation of data breaches in web-based applications Dr. Eric Cole, Demetrios Lazarikos (Laz) Mar 18, 2015 WhiteHat Security
SANS Financial Services Cybersecurity Briefing Mar 6, 2015 --
Critical Controls Security Briefing John Pescatore, Tony Sager Mar 4, 2015 --
Mapping Next-Generation NAC to the Critical Security Controls James Tarala and Scott Gordon Feb 5, 2015 Forescout Technologies BV
The 20 Critical Controls: A Security Strategy Randy Marchany Jan 13, 2015 --
Fun with CISSP Questions: "The Absurd, The Drink the Kool-Aid, and The Ugly" Ted Demopoulos Jan 12, 2015 --
A Managed Approach to Security Controls to Ensure Effective Security Kevin Landt, Product Manager Dec 12, 2014 EiQnetworks
SANS 2nd Survey on the State of Information Security in Health Care Institutions: Part 2 Barbara Filkins, Nicholai Piagentini, Jay Schulman, Jonathan Trull Dec 11, 2014 Cigital, Inc.
SANS 2nd Survey on the State of Information Security in Health Care Institutions: Part 1 Barbara Filkins, Paul Crutchfield, Elias Manousos, Rajiv Raghunarayan, JD Sherry Dec 9, 2014 Cigital, Inc.
Top 10 1/2 Things That Can Undermine Your Security Program Johannes Ulrich, Jerry Hoff, Gabe Gumbs Nov 19, 2014 WhiteHat Security
Measuring Human Risk: What is Your Organization's Security Score? Dan deBeaubien, Director, SANS Institute Oct 16, 2014 Symantec
2nd Annual Analytics and Intelligence Survey - Pt 2. Future State: Improving Intelligence and Threat Protection Dave Shackleford, Colby DeRodeff, Seth Goldhammer, Nicholas J. Percoco Oct 14, 2014 AlienVault
Securing The Human in EMEA - Next Generation Awareness Programs Lance Spitzner Oct 8, 2014 --
The Critical Security Controls: From Adoption to Implementation A SANS Survey James Tarala, Tony Sager (moderator), Brian Mehlman, Barbara Kay, Wolfgang Kandek and Katherine Brocklehurst Sep 9, 2014 EiQnetworks
Cyber Security Metrics and Measuring Vulnerability Chandler Comerford Co-Presenters: Dr. Andrew Woodward and Peter Hannay Aug 12, 2014 --
Security Awareness Webcast - Hosted by Lance Spitzner Lance Spitzner and Cheryl Conley Aug 11, 2014 --
The Modern Incident Responder: Detect, Respond and Recover from a Data Breach Jeffrey (J.J.) Guy - Director of Operations Jul 29, 2014 Carbon Black
SANS Securing The Human for Healthcare James Tarala Jul 10, 2014 --
Health Care Data for Sale: Now What? Greg Porter and Isabelle Dumont Jun 23, 2014 Palo Alto Networks
SANS 2014 Salary Survey: The State of Security Professionals Today Barbara Filkins, Arabella Hallawell and John Pescatore (moderator) May 8, 2014 Arbor Networks
Why Train? Lance Spitzner May 2, 2014 --
The 2014 Security Trends Forecast: What Does 2014 Hold for Security and Its Impact on Business Professionals? John Pescatore and CP Morey Apr 22, 2014 Cisco Systems Inc.
What Your CISO Wants Frank Kim Apr 10, 2014 Viewfinity
Risks, Threats and Preparedness: Part I of the SANS Financial Services Survey G. Mark Hardy, John Pescatore (moderator), Scott Gordon, Jack Daniel and Ed Dembowski Mar 26, 2014 Blue Coat Systems, Inc.
SANS Financial Services Cyber Security Trends and Challenges Briefing John Pescatore Mar 7, 2014 Invincea
Exposing Malicious Threats to Health Care IT Barbara Filkins and Jeff Harrell Mar 6, 2014 Norse
The Critical Security Controls and the StealthWatch System John Pescatore, SANS and Charles Herring, Sr. Systems Engineer, Lancope Feb 20, 2014 Lancope
3 Tips to Fund Your Security Initiatives by Leveraging Business Objectives Jan 31, 2014 HP
Overcoming Barriers to Making Cyber Security Advances John Pescatore and Brian Mehlman Jan 21, 2014 EiQnetworks

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