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A powerful marketing tool showcasing your security product, this testimonial interview is a great way to gain exposure with the SANS security community. SANS expert, John Pescatore, leads the interview with your end-user/customer to develop a written case study, webcast, and a variety of complementary sponsorship and branding opportunities. WhatWorks is an exceptional chance to connect with the trusted SANS brand and a phenomenal generator of highly qualified leads.

WhatWorks case studies accelerate the buying process by telling the story from an end-user's perspective.
Why did the customer deploy the product? How does the product work? How has it improved the customer's security?
Having a valid assessment of the product with a success story to compliment, security vendors position their product and brand to the SANS community as a trusted leader in the cyber security industry.

What's Included:

  • Q&A with a customer in a live WhatWorks webcast
  • Written case study
  • Use of SANS WhatWorks program logo and information in marketing
  • Leads from all opt-in listeners to live and archived webcasts
  • SANS independence and branding
  • Exclusive sponsorship opportunities at SANS conference events

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