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The SANS Analyst Program produces leading analyst reports on emerging and mission-critical topics. An average of 11,500 people download SANS Analyst papers each month. Leading SANS analysts and instructors develop the content in the form of whitepapers, product reviews and surveys with accompanying webcasts that produce leads for sponsors. SANS Analyst Program content, paired with webcasts, helps sponsors drive topic awareness to a qualified audience of decision makers and influencers through insightful educational content that addresses problems readers need to solve today and in the future.

The SANS Analyst Program develops state-of-the-art reports on cutting-edge technology topics including:

  • Security by Design
  • Cloud & DevOps
  • Access and Identity Management
  • IoT/ICS Security
  • Analytics & Intelligence
  • Threat Hunting & IR
  • SOC Trends
  • Measuring Risk
Industry-specific papers are developed in the areas of:

  • Health Care
  • Financial Services
  • Government
  • Industrial IT

Spotlight Analyst Project

SANS DevOps Survey: Sneak Peak

See Frank Kim describe preliminary results of the Secure DevOps survey at the SANS Secure DevOps Summit & Information Security Training. In the video Frank Kim discusses the latest survey of industry practitioners and examines how the security and risk management leaders approach the collaborative, agile nature of DevOps.

Upcoming Analyst Papers and Research Opportunities

Webcast Date
Sponsorship Info
A SANS 2020 Report | Top New Attacks and Threat Report
This report will provide deeper insight into the threats highlighted during the SANS panel discussion at the 2020 RSA Conference.
April 28, 2020
John Pescatore
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A SANS 2020 Report | Jumpstarting Remote Work Capabilities Securely: Free Resources for Safe and Effective Rollouts
This report will present real-world guidance on how to quickly and securely roll-out a remote workforce and how to best monitor ongoing operations and ensure sensitive information doesn't get breached.
May 14, 2020
John Pescatore
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A SANS 2020 Survey | Automation & Integration Survey
This survey will look at what automation activities have been successful and how organizations set up their automation activities to achieve meaningful results.
May 19, 2020
Barbara Filkins & Don Murdoch
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A SANS 2020 Poll | How Are Remote Workers Working?
This poll will ask a short series of targeted questions about how workers who have shifted to working remote are carrying out their business from afar.
June 4, 2020
Heather Mahalik
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A SANS 2020 Report | ICS Asset Identification: It's More Than Just Security!
In this whitepaper, SANS ICS Active Defense and Incident Response certified instructor Mark Bristow will provide recommendations and guidance on starting and supporting an asset identification program.
Mark Bristow
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A SANS 2020 Report | Measuring and Improving Cyber Defense Using the MITRE ATT&CK Framework
In this paper, SANS instructor and analyst John Hubbard will cover the most important aspects of understanding and utilizing the ATT&CK framework.
John Hubbard
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A SANS 2020 Survey | Closing the Critical Security Skills Gap for Modern and Effective Security Operations Centers Survey
This survey focuses on developing insight into key areas which security operations skills needs are changing rapidly as threats evolve and business use of the cloud increases.
John Pescatore
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A SANS 2020 Survey | Improving the Bottom Line with Measures, Metrics and KPIs
This survey, developed by SANS Analyst Program Research Director Barbara Filkins, will explore how cybersecurity metrics can demonstrate business value and reduce risks.
Barbara Filkins
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A SANS 2020 Survey | Enterprise Cloud Incident Response Survey
This survey will provide an overview of how organizations are tackling the new frontier of incident response in multiple enterprise cloud environments.
Chris Dale and Matt Bromiley (Advisor)
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A SANS 2020 Survey | Extending DevSecOps Security Controls into the Cloud
This survey will explore how organizations are extending their DevSecOps security controls beyond their on-premises environments into the public cloud to secure their cloud networks, services and applications.
Jim Bird, Eric Johnson and Frank Kim
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A SANS 2020 Survey | Risk-Based Vulnerability Survey
This survey will focus on how organizations are analyzing and treating the vulnerabilities they identify.
David Hazar
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A SANS 2020 Report | Pervasive and Unrelenting: Ransomware Special Report
This paper will explain why and how ransomware is spreading across vulnerable organizations and provide US-CERT advice on preventing these attacks and NIST guidance on detecting and recovering from them.
Justin Henderson
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A SANS 2020 Survey | Proactive vs. Reactive: Getting Real About Threat Hunting Survey
This survey looks into why organizations aren't utilizing threat hunting to detect threats before they become incidents and how security departments can reap the benefits of proactive hunting.
Mathias Fuchs and Joshua Lemon
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