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Affiliate Program

SANS Institute is the most recognized and trusted resource for cybersecurity training, and certification. By participating in the SANS Affiliate Program, cybersecurity solution providers have the unique opportunity to create a comprehensive partnership with SANS, focused on educating and enlightening the SANS community on their latest products, services and techniques.

The SANS Affiliate Program is focused towards providing Solution Providers with access to the SANS community. Enabling 3rd party providers to resell or otherwise provide SANS Training is not a goal of the SANS Affiliate Program.

Why Become a SANS Affiliate Program Member?

  • Gain priority access to the SANS community of cybersecurity professionals
  • Enhance your brand awareness by aligning with the SANS brand
  • Provide thought leadership and trending insights to the SANS community
  • Feature your company on the SANS Affiliate Directory, giving your company visibility to a community of 300,000+ cyber security professionals

Packages and Benefits

As a member of the Affiliate Program, cybersecurity vendors have the opportunity to gain valuable exposure to the SANS community.

SANS Affiliate Member
Premier Affiliate Member
Inclusion in SANS Affiliate Directory

Affiliate Program Member logo for co-marketing purposes

SANS Newsletter Ad - One (1) Lower Ad per Year ($2,500 Value)

SANS Newsletter Ad - One (1) Upper Ad per Year ($5,000 Value)

Branding at all SANS National Events
SANS Orlando 2018, Security West 2018 San Diego, SANSFIRE 2018 Washington D.C., Network Security 2018 Las Vegas, SANS Cyber Defense Initiative ® 2018 Washington D.C.

50% Discount ($750) off Conference Call w/ John Pescatore

50% discount ($1,500) off product discussion w/ SANS Instructor

25% off ($3,375) off SANS Webcast

Priority Booth Placement at Sponsored SANS National Events


Program Requirements:

To participate in the SANS Affiliate Program, the Affiliate Member must agree to the following:

The Vendor must:

  • Offer a product/service that provides a solution for cybersecurity professionals which does not compete with SANS
  • Provide a customer reference and/or case study to prove successful delivery of product/service
  • Agree to co-marketing efforts of the SANS Affiliate Program to promote a mutually beneficial affiliation ; co-marketing material provided by SANS
  • Agree to annual program fee as outlined in the Benefits section of the Affiliate Member Agreement