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Security Training: Archives

May 2001

  • SANS LoneStar II
    • Location: Dallas, TX
    • Dates: May 31 - June 3
    • Courses: T2, T5
  • SANS Aloha III
    • Location: Honolulu, HI
    • Dates: May 28 - June 1
    • Courses: T6
  • Twin Cities SANS
    • Location: Minneapolis, MN
    • Dates: May 23-25
    • Courses: T1
  • SANS2001 - Annual Conference
    • Location: Baltimore, MD
    • Dates: May 13-20
    • Courses: KS, T1, T2, T3, T4, T5, T6, T7, Proven Practices for Managing the Security Function , Email Liability and Risk, Intrusion Detection and Packet Filtering, Forensics Techniques in Incident Response, UNIX Basics for the Security Professional, Security in Windows 2000, Networking Fundamentals for Computer Security Professionals, Network Security Profiles, Safe and Effective CGI and WWW Programming in Perl, Incident Response: Scenarios and Tactics, Windows NT Security: Basic/Intermediate, Wireless Networking Fundamentals, Secure Networking . An Introduction to VPN Architecture and Implementation, Cisco.s Security Features, Perl Fundamentals, Hacking Exposed: LIVE!, Networking Design, Hot New Windows 2000 Vulnerabilities, Web Site Security, Configuring and Administering Sendmail in the Real World, Configuring and Administering Sendmail in the Real World, Freeware Security Tools You Need, Windows NT Security Advanced, Advanced Linux Firewall Configuration, UNIX Security Threats and Solutions, Designing and Building Extranets, Secure Migration to Win 2000, How Attackers Break Programs and How to Write Secure Programs, Windows 2000 Scripting and Security, Securing Linux, Step-by-Step, Advanced Topics in Perl Programming, E-Warfare, DNS and Sendmail, Effective Incident Response