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Security Training: Archives

October 2000

  • SANS Network Security 2000
    • Location: Monterey, CA
    • Dates: October 15-22
    • Courses: KS, T1, T2, T3, T4, T5, T6, Using nmap to Map Your Network and Test for Vulnerability, Know Your Enemy, The Art of Wardialing, Incident Response: Scenarios and Tactics, SSH: Introduction through Implementation, Auditing Firewalls, Choosing and Justifying the Right Intrusion Detection and Vulnerability Analysis Tools, Responding to DDoS Attacks, Information Security: The Big Picture, Contemporary Hacking Tools and their Use in Penetration Testing, Security in Windows 2000, Understanding and Auditing Information Systems, Networking Fundamentals for Computer Security Professionals, Intrusion Detection - Shadow Style, Information System Security, Proven Practices for Managing the Security Function, Windows NT Security, Fundamentals of Web Security, Network Security Profiles, How to Audit Web-Based Applications, Intrusion Detection - The Big Picture, Cisco's Security Features, Windows NT Security Advanced, Secure Networking - An Introduction to VPN Architecture and Implementation, Overview of Security Trends for System and Network Administrators, Hacking Exposed: LIVE!, Designing and Building Extranets, Overview of Managing a CSIRT, DNS and Sendmail, UNIX Security Threats and Solutions, Commerce Essentials on Windows, Security Auditing with Perl, Effective Incident Response, Auditing Routers, How Attackers Break Programs and How to Write Secure Programs