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Information Security Policy Templates

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About the SANS Policy Project Team

The SANS Policy Project is a collaborative effort between SANS and leading industry professionals in cybersecurity. The team is currently chaired by Michele D. Guel, Senior Security Architect at Cisco Systems and one of only 16 in all of Cisco IT promoted to the level of Distinguished IT Engineer. Michele is the Chief Security Architect for the security domain, leads Cisco's Pervasive Security Accelerator Program, and voluntarily contributes her 18+ years of experience working on all facets of information and network security to the work of the SANS Policy Project.

Policy templates are often generalized versions of policies developed for and used by leading corporations and/or government entities, and have been reviewed by professionals who themselves have been responsible for training thousands of others in the development of enterprise security policies and practices. In addition to the core standing team, policies are frequently reviewed by, and suggestions for revisions are made by students in the SANS master's degree programs, who are also often security officers responsible for these policies in their own organizations. Individual contributions are occasionally (though not always) noted in the revision notes to various policies.

If you have a question or suggestion regarding these security polices or wish to share another resource site with similar materials, please feel free to send an email to