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IDFAQ: What are common attacker tools?

Editors note, we really need someone to take ownership of this question and do a complete job, until then:

The number 1 script kiddie tool is sscan (http://www.ben2.ucla.edu/~jsbach/) Also, I have posted a whitepaper comparing nnmap and sscan, and how to determine if you have been scanned by them. Check out http://www.enteract.com/~lspitz/enemy2.html

spitzner@dimension.net (Lance Spitzner)
  1. L0pht Crack (www.l0pht.com)
  2. Legion (www.rhino9.com)
  3. Back Oriffice (www.cultdeadcow.com)
  4. Grinder (www.rhino9.com)
  5. Larva (www.rhino9.com)
  6. Conde Vampiro