Press Release: SANS Institute Updates Popular Intrusion Detection Resource for Information Security Professionals

Jim McMillan and Algis Kibirkstis
November 2009

Press Release
The SANS Institute
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San Francisco, California (November 12, 2009): Jim McMillan and Algis Kibirkstis, post-graduate students with the SANS Technological Institute (STI), have completed an update to the Intrusion Detection FAQ, the Internet's most trusted site for vendor neutral intrusion detection information.

This update, consisting of six new sections and four revisions, was a joint written project between McMillan and Kibirkstis that was submitted as part of the STI master's program degree requirements. This latest refresh includes references to current malicious attack patterns, new and emerging technologies, and the Windows 7 operating system. Specific areas of focus include user identity and accountability, geolocation capabilities, data visualization, and the acknowledgement of Intrusion Protection Systems (IPS) as the clear successor to Intrusion Detection Systems (IDS) in today's information system environments.

The Intrusion Detection FAQ is posted at the following location:

Jim McMillan has over 20 years experience in IT security. He holds several highly regarded security certifications including 6 GIAC certifications, CISSP and CISM certifications. He has experience in consulting, military, law enforcement and energy arenas.

Algis Kibirkstis is an experienced information systems security specialist. He is currently the security architect for the hosting services division of Nuance Communications. He holds several security- related certifications including the GIAC GAWN, GCIH, GCPM and GCUX.

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