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SANS Analyst Papers
Title Author Publication Date
Evolving Micro-Segmentation for Preventive Security: Adaptive Protection in a DevOps World Dave Shackleford January 7, 2019
SANS Webcasts
Title Speaker Publication Date
How to Effectively Use Segmentation and Microsegmentation Dave Shackleford, Nick Furman October 2, 2019
Security Inside the Perimeter with VMware Arjun Narang August 5, 2019
Resolved: How to protect your organization when your perimeter fails Tom Gillis, John Pescatore April 18, 2019
Simplifying Application Security with Software-Defined Security Matt De Vincentis, Dave Shackleford April 17, 2019
Defeating Attackers with Preventive Security Dave Shackleford, Alex Berger January 8, 2019