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SANS Projects

SANS Analyst Papers
Title Author Publication Date
SANS 2019 Cloud Security Survey Dave Shackleford April 30, 2019
Investigate East-West Attacks on Critical Assets with Network Traffic Analysis Dave Shackleford October 3, 2018
The Definition of SOC-cess? SANS 2018 Security Operations Center Survey Christopher Crowley and John Pescatore August 13, 2018
SANS Webcasts
Title Speaker Publication Date
The State of Cloud Security: Results of the SANS 2019 Cloud Security Survey Dave Shackleford and Jim Reavis May 1, 2019
The State of Cloud Security: Panel Discussion Dave Shackleford, Jim Reavis, Pawan Shankar and Eric Thomas May 7, 2019
72-Hours-to-Disclose Survival Guide: Accurate Scoping and Impact Assessment of Breaches John Matthews and John Pescatore February 26, 2019
SANS Cyber Threat Intelligence Briefing 2018: Efficiency and Effectiveness Through Cyber Threat Intelligence November 30, 2018
Investigate East-West Attack Activities to Defend Critical Assets: A SANS Review of ExtraHop Reveal(x) Dave Shackleford and Barbara G. Kay October 4, 2018
How Network Traffic Analytics Eliminates Darkspace for the SOC Barbara Kay and Chris Crowley August 23, 2018
SOC Capabilities and Usefulness: Part II of the SANS SOC Survey Results Webcast Christopher Crowley, Gary Golomb, Lital Grossman, John Moran, and John Pescatore August 16, 2018
No Single Definition of a SOC: Part I of the SANS 2018 SOC Survey Results Webcast Chris Brazdziunas, Christopher Crowley, Barbara G. Kay, John Klassen, and John Pescatore August 14, 2018