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Title Speaker Publication Date
Alternative Network Visibility Strategies for an Encrypted World Gregory Bell and Matt Bromiley March 21, 2019
8 Keys to a Defensible Network Architecture And How Zeek Can Help You Get There Richard Bejtlich, Matt Bromiley, and John Gamble November 6, 2018
5 Ways Bro Gives You Better Data for Incident Response and Threat Hunting Greg Bell, Matt Bromiley, and John Gamble May 9, 2018
The Power of Bro - and why you should include it in your security infrastructure Matt Bromiley and Seth Hall March 20, 2018
Dramatically Reduce Incident Response Time with Splunk and Bro Vince Stoffer, Ken Hanson and John Gamble March 8, 2018
A day in the life doing incident response without Bro. And how it could be so much better. Vincent Stoffer and Matt Bromiley November 14, 2017