The Best Security Awareness Training

We understand the primary challenges in building a successful security awareness program. It can be difficult to get your learners to change behavior and understand the value of social engineering protection. Security awareness professionals say they are often understaffed, under-budgeted, short on time, and don’t have all the expertise needed to manage and grow a thriving security awareness program. Our team of cyber security experts, content specialists and customer success specialists understand the challenges you face and how to overcome them, with our awareness training and services we enable organizations large and small to become their own shield to defend against any cyber attack.

Security Awareness Training Content Matters

Globally applicable, culturally relevant computer-based training content is crucial in creating engagement and retention for all levels of learners. All of our content, videos, support materials, games, and other tools have been designed specifically to meet each and every end user regardless of where they are within their learning process.

Comprehensive Security Awareness Training Tools

When you have to train thousands, or even hundreds of thousands of learners across the globe you need a way to easily build a program that can measure security awareness success and effectiveness. Each new campaign and training module can become a huge hurdle without the right planning tools. We take out the guess work. Besides offering expert-led programs, we also offer live training support, events, webinars and a host of other practitioner resources.


Learning Management System - Ours, Yours, Both?

How do you choose the best method of managing your campaigns and training programs when implementing a cyber security strategy? Do you deliver training on your own learning management system, on the security awareness vendor’s or should you do a mixture of both?

The answer depends on flexibility of the vendor. Fortunately for you - we do it all. Have your own LMS and need all training to be executed there? Great! Just starting out and need the Advanced Cyber Security Learning Platform to deploy and continue measuring security awareness effectiveness? No problem, we’ve got you covered there too. Just tell us your learning platform needs and we’ll meet it.

Another thing I appreciate about the SANS program is they give you a cookbook on what to do.  It's not 'here are the videos, now go and do it.'  There are instructions on how to put together a program, and a guidebook on how to manage the program, which I found very helpful.

Stephanye Schuyler , Unitil Corporation

Learn How to Protect Your Organization

Best Practices and Metrics

Benchmark your program against the Security Awareness Maturity Model. Plan, track and mature your training and move up the curve.

Security Awareness Officer Training

You are responsible to run your security awareness program.  Do you know what your peers are doing to build a mature cyber security strategy? How about leading metrics and relevant research? Check out our live training courses for security specialists or attend our next networking summit.

Vibrant Security Awareness Community

All cyber security professionals welcome, no vendors allowed! Join one of the largest, tight-knit communities of security awareness professionals to get the latest insights and knowledge about taking your program to the next level.