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Today ends the last full week of National Cyber Security Awareness Month and the NCSAM Planning Kit.  What started in 2003 as a national campaign has now grown into a global effort.  The goal of NCSAM (also known as #CyberAware month) is to promote cyber security at both work and at home.  Within the United States these efforts are led by the National Cyber Security Alliance, in Europe by the European Union, and other countries by their governments.    While there were an incredible number of activities this month, cybersecurity is not a once a year activity.  You need to be learning about and reinforcing cyber security throughout the year.  For us at SANS Securing The Human cyber security is something we are passionate about every day. Here are numerous resources to support your efforts long term.

  • OUCH Newsletter: Once a month receive and share OUCH, the world's most trusted, free security awareness newsletter.  Every month we focus on a specific topic in very easy to understand terms and translate OUCH into over twenty languages.  Use OUCH as part of your organization's security awareness program or share with family, friends and neighbors.
  • Tip of the Day: Share a quick reminder on a fun, security topic.  No more than a couple of sentences, every tip is linked to an OUCH newsletter that goes into more detail.  Use the RSS feed to embed the tips into your own website.
  • Posters:  Download, print and share numerous security awareness posters that focus on home security, phishing, Healthcare, ICS and numerous other topics.
  • Webcasts: Every month we host a new webcast to help you build a more effective security awareness program.  These webcasts include "Meet the Expert" where we bring in experts from various fields to include culture change, forensics, communication and social engineering.
  • Video of the Month: Every month find a new security awareness video.  Each video is less than 3 minutes and covers a key topic.  A great way to build secure behaviors in today's YouTube generation.
  • Training Courses: We host several courses to help you build a mature security awareness program, to include the two day MGT433: Securing The Human and SEC:567 Social Engineering for Pen Testers.
  • Summits:  These intense events bring world-experts and security awareness leaders together to share and learn from each other.  Hear real stories and lessons learned on how people are building, maintaining and measuring mature security awareness programs.
  • Blogs: Stay current with the latest trends, developments, resources and lessons learned in the world security awareness and behavioral change.