security model matrix

As more organizations adopt and leverage the Security Awareness Maturity Model, one of the questions I'm often asked is how do I know what level my awareness program is at and how do I get to the next level?  If you are not familiar with the maturity model, its a powerful way to visualize and benchmark where your security awareness program is and provides a roadmap where you can take it.  In addition you can use the model to help communicate to senior leadership your plan and value to the organization.

The Maturity Model was designed to be as simple as possible to use, however some folks have been looking for more detailed information.  As such we created several tracking matrices.  The first is a matrix detailing the different indicators of each stage and how to measure them.  This answers the question what stage is my organization at?  This matrix was inspired by the great work of others, to include Britt Kronkosky, Matt Lee and Chris Miller.  A second resource is for leadership.  Created by Karyn McPhee it defines at a high level each stage of the matrix and how to achieve them.  You can download these and other resources from the Security Awareness Planning Kit.

To learn more about how your organization can leverage the Security Awareness Maturity Model, check out these upcoming webcasts and two-day courses.