Last week I posted the top five reasons why your data cannot be private on a social networking site.  Do not get me wrong, I think social networking sites are a tremendous tool.  I cannot think of a better way to quickly and easily share information with so many people around the world.  My concern is people have the misconception that it can also be a tool to privately share confidential information with specific users.  I feel it can't.  Since my post last week two new concerns were in the news about data privacy in social networking sites.  I thought I would share these with you also. 6. Website Vulnerabilities:  Last week I brought up the point that anyone you 'friend' on a social networking site can have their account hacked, when that happens your private data is no longer private.  However what about the websites themselves?  These sites are very complex and can have vulnerabilities.  If exploited, these vulnerabilities can expose your private data. 7. Lawyers:  Something that scares me even more then hackers are lawyers, because they have the law on their side.  Lawyers are beginning to realize that sites such as Facebook have a tremendous amount of information that they can use in their cases, and they can use the courts to force you to give up the private information you posted. Social networking sites are a extremely powerful tool, just understand the risks involved.  If you really need to share some confidential information, you are probably better off just giving your friend a phone call.