Parent and child with computer

Folks, I'm pumped to be part of something new at RSA this year, an event focusing on how the security community can best reach out to and help secure today's kids.  I'll be part of a keynote panel with some absolutely amazing other folks  to include  Alicia Kozakiewicz (if you don't know who that is, stop reading this and take five minutes to read her story, its far more valuable then anything I can say here). In addition, RSA is hosting a series of other kid focused events called "I'm in R U". As someone who is not only passionate about community, but a father of three, I want to be sure we the security community make the absolute most of this opportunity.  As such, if you have any ideas, suggestions or feedback on how our community can better reach out  to  and help secure today's kids, please email me at or post your ideas in the comments suggestions. Your feedback will be a big help in determining what I say at the panel.  Thanks for making a difference!