Gartner 2016 graph

As some of you may have noticed, last week Gartner released it's Magic Quadrant report on Security Awareness Training.  Every year Gartner does an analysis of the top security awareness vendors and rates them via the Magic Quadrant. While I'm excited to see SANS Securing The Human once again listed at the very top of the list, I'm just as excited how Gartner and this industry are maturing.

Traditionally security awareness programs (and vendors) were judged solely on Computer Based Training (CBT).  However, what we have recognized for years and the industry is realizing now is that CBT is only a small part of a much bigger picture. To truly change behavior and ultimately culture you need so much more.  Organizations need to understand WHO their target audiences are, WHAT are their top human risks and the key behaviors to manage those risks, HOW are they going to effectively engage and communicate those behaviors and finally, measure all of the above.

Building a mature awareness program is not easy and is a task most organizations struggle with.  This is why at SANS Securing The Human we focus on the big picture.  We go beyond just the most trusted content in the world, but also provide an entire platform to manage your program in the new Advanced Cybersecurity Learning Platform, different assessments to include Culture and Phishing, training courses, our community forum and the Customer Success program.  Our goal is ultimately to make your job of a security awareness professional easier and your awareness program more effective.  Download a free copy of the Gartner report.