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Editor's Note: National Cyber Security Awareness Month (NCSAM) is here and we are enabling organizations to make this most of October.  Every Monday, we are posting a new blog on how to make the most of NCSAM and the NCSAM Planning Kit.  The planning kit is everything you need for a successful October, to include daily activities, resources and templates. As per the national theme, this week we focus on Recognizing and Countering Cyber Crime.

For week three of NCSAM, we focus on the cyber criminal, probably the most active and common cyber threat you will find today.  Cyber criminals are constantly adapting and innovating to hack as many people and as many organizations as possible.  As such, we want to be sure people understand and know the basic steps to stopping this threat.   To help you do just that, for this week's kit we include the following:

  • Monday: A communications template that helps you communicate to your organization what is coming this week.
  • Tuesday:  Distribute the OUCH newsletter on Ransomware, one of the most common cyber criminal attacks targeting people all over the world.  Remember you can find OUCH in 25 different languages in the OUCH Archives.
  • Wednesday:  For this day we want to shake things up a bit and have a guest speaker come in for a lunch-n-learn or onsite event.  Not sure whom to invite or have speak?  We have a bunch of ideas for speakers for you.
  • Thursday:  Various research has repeatedly proven that one of the key steps you can take to protect yourself against most cyber criminal attacks is enable two-step verification.  Take advantage of this national campaign called LockDownYourLogin, encouraging people to enable strong authentication on their devices and accounts.
  • Friday: What's one of the most common attack methods cyber criminals use?  Phishing.  Share and distribute our Don't Get Hooked poster and turn your staff into Human Sensors.

NCSAM is a tremendous opportunity to build awareness in your organization and ultimately develop a secure culture. For more ideas on how to build a high-impact awareness program, check out these upcoming webcasts, two day courses and the European Security Awareness Summit 11 Nov in London.