Establishing a security awareness program that ensures your organization is both compliant and reduces risk is difficult.  Many organizations do not even know where to start.  To help you we have put together a planning package.  This package is made up of the following. PACKAGE:  First is the Planning & Deployment Package itself.  This package contains a variety of templates, checklists, and documents.  These key deliverables are listed and provided in the order you will need to develop your program.  In addition we just added two new templates this week, including one for forming Steering Committees and another for planning Phishing Assessments. PRESENTATION:  Included in the package is a presentation that takes you through step-by-step how to plan your awareness program, including using some of the key documents. You can also use this presentation internally with your own team and management. WEBCAST:  We have a new webcast online that walks you through the presentation and identifies the key points for a successful awareness program.  You can find the webcast on our YouTube channel. Our goal at Securing The Human is ensuring the long-term success of your awareness program.  If you need a resource that you cannot find our our site please let me know at  If you need the resource I'm sure other organizations need it also.