Seven most dangerous new attack techniques RSA 2017 video

UPDATE: Cybersecurity experts Ed Skoudis, Michael Assante, Johannes Ullrich, James Lyne and SANS Founder Alan Paller will answer many of the 100+ questions they were not able to cover in the live session.

Watch a special webcast following the wildly popular RSA Keynote The Seven Most Dangerous New Attack Techniques, and What’s Coming Next.

Watch the original keynote below

During RSA 2017 in San Francisco, SANS faculty members and expert instructors Ed Skoudis, Michael Assante, Johannes Ullrich and SANS Institute founder Alan Paller walked the audience through the seven most dangerous attack techniques. It didn’t take Ed Skoudis long to get into it. At 3:20 into the keynote video Ed highlighted the dangers and variants of modern crypto-ransomware and why it is a growing threat.

Did you know?

  1. There are over 150 different families of crypto-ransomware available today.
  2. Crypto-ransomware is so effective because the bad guys don’t need a command and control infrastructure to carry out the attack
  3. Crypto-ransomware increasingly targets enterprise-size organizations and in particular seeks to find backups and encrypt the backup

View the full video for discussion of IoT and other threats: [embed][/embed]