One of our goals at Securing The Human is to help ensure the success of your awareness program, from initial rollout to long term deployment.  As such we maintain a variety of free resources for you, including awareness surveys, project plans and execution matrixes.  I just did a big update and wanted to share with you the new materials.
  • Checklists & Labs: I teach the two day course MGT 433 Securing The Human which focuses on how to build and execute a successful awareness program.  This course includes a variety of labs and handouts.  I just added the latest documentation from the course, including a new execution checklist.
  • Business Justification: A common challenge for awareness programs is first getting management support.  I updated the Compliance Requirements document that lists all known standards that require security awareness training.
  • Security Awareness Presentations: I just updated and presented my one hour talk on Securing The Human.  This is a great overview on why the Human OS is so vulnerable, how it is actively being exploited, and what you can do to patch the Human OS. Included with the presentation is new material I have added and updated notes.  In addition you are welcome to use this presentation in your own organization.
As always, if you have any corrections or suggestions for new resources, I would love to hear from you at