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Editor's Note: National Cyber Security Awareness Month (NCSAM) is coming up and we are enabling organizations to make this most of October.  Every Monday, for the next six weeks, we will be posting a new blog on how to make the most of NCSAM and the NCSAM Planning Kit.

We are two weeks out from October.  If you have not done already, these are the key steps you should be taking.

  • NCSAM Planning Kit: Review the NCSAM Planning Kit and get a feel for how it works (our goal was to make this brain dead simple to use).  Decide what elements and resources you will want to use and how.
  • Collaboration / Communications: Start collaborating with key departments or players in your organization.  You cannot establish a mature security awareness program on your own, you will have to build relationships throughout your organization.  A successful October is no different.  Start identifying key people you need to work with, take them out to lunch or buy them a coffee this week and just chat about cyber security and why its important to them and the organization.  Do not get into the details yet of WHAT you want to do in October or HOW, but answer the why question.  It is especially important you have a strong partnership with your communications team.  If you are not sure where to start building bridges, start with communications.
  • Speakers: If you plan on inviting a guest speaker for October, confirm one as soon as possible.  October is a very busy month for cyber security speakers, their calendars fill up fast.  Not sure whom to ask or running out of ideas?  Here are some ideas of where to find speakers for October's NCSAM.

Next week (what we call Week 00) we will discuss what you should be communicating to your organization and when.  Next week is when you want to kick off your program by letting people know what is coming and why they should care.