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Folks, we hosted two very popular webcasts last week that we wanted to be sure you had access to.  Both of these webcasts are posted and freely available on our Secure The Human YouTube channel.

  • Preparing For NCSAM: For many security awareness officers, October  can be your busiest month as you prepare for and launch National Cyber Security Awareness Month.  This month is globally recognized as the time to recognize and promote the need for cyber security awareness.  For this webcast we brought in the top experts, the team from the National Cyber Security Alliance, these are the very folks who organize and run NCSAM (also called #CyberAware Month) in North America.  Learn from president Michael Kaiser what they are doing for October and how you can make the most of it.
  • Pokémon Go - What To Tell Employees:  The game Pokémon Go has become a global sensation, but it also comes with unique risks.  We cover in this webcast what new risks this game introduces and what you should be telling employees about it.  In addition we bring in three security awareness officers to share their stories and lessons learned on how they handled this situation within their organizations.

To learn more about upcoming webcasts, courses or summits about security awareness, be sure to visit our Events page.