At SANS Securing The Human our goal is to provide the most effective awareness training possible.  As we work with hundreds of organizations around the world we are seeing a growing need for more specialized awareness training.  While we continue to provide a foundation for end users and numerous compliance standards, we have added two new security awareness programs targeted for special groups, Developers and Utilities.

  • Awareness Training for Developers:  Developers create the Internet facing applications that have become the front door for many of today's cyber criminals.  From SQL Injection and Cross-site Scripting (XSS) to unhashed passwords, insecure code exposes organizations to tremendous risk.  Unfortunately, most developers lack even the most basic knowledge about secure coding practices.  This two hour awareness training program establishes a common, secure coding foundation for all of your developers.
  • Awareness Training for Utilities: The North American Electric Regulatory Corporation (NERC) created and enforces the CIP Reliability Standards that all North American Bulk Electric Systems (BES) are required to follow.  We have created a specialized training package to meet the NERC CIP requirements, specifically CIP-004-3 (Personnel and Training).

Our goal is to provide the most effective and engaging awareness training possible, ensuring your organization goes beyond just compliance and reduces risk by changing human behavior. You can learn more about the new awareness training programs and try the training out at the Securing The Human website.