Protecting Healthcare Data poster
Creating a Cyber Secure Home Poster

For those of you who have a SANS portal account and subscribe to SANS maillings, you should have received your new Security Awareness posters in the mail this week.  For this year we created two new posters, one for the Healthcare community and another for the Ordinary Computer User (OCU) on how to create a Cyber Secure Home.  

For the Cyber Secure Home poster our goal was for people  to take the poster home and share it with their kids or other family members.  While the poster is focused on personal life, it reinforces  the same secure behaviors you want employees to exhibit at work. We would like to do a big thank you for all the community volunteers who helped make these posters happen. If you did not get your hard copy in the mail, you can grab copies at upcoming SANS events or download and print as many as you like from the Posters site at