I'll be teaching MGT 433 this December 15-16 in Washington, DC as part of SANS CDI.  If you or your organization is considering a security awareness program, or looking to improve an existing one, this intense two day course is for you.  We are also teaching this as a simulcast, meaning you can virtually attend the class and get the same training but without having to leave home.  Based on the experience of working with numerous organizations from around the world, we will teach you step by step how to build an awareness program that is not only compliant but changes behaviors that you can measure.  Key topics covered inclue
  • How to get budget and management support.
  • Strategic steps, including building your Steering Committee.
  • Determining WHO is the target of your program,
  • Determine WHAT you will teach them.
  • Determine HOW you will communicate the content.
  • Developing an execution plan.
  • Metrics to to track changes in behavior and success of your program.
  • Enforcement & improvement.
What students like most about the course is you will build your own awareness program, from determining which topics are best for your organization to designing your own execution plan. If you have questions about the class, how to register or virtually attend, ask me at lspitzner@sans.org. Soup to nuts, this class covers the entire designing, building, deploying and measuring an effective security awareness program. - Chris Sorensen - GE Capital