Tip of the Day

The Tip of the Day program is a free resource developed for the community.  It provides a new security awareness tip every day on how you can secure yourself online.  While the lessons learned focus primarily on home or personal use, these same behaviors also help secure today's  organizations.  As we are seeing throughout industries, one of the most effective ways to secure peoples' behaviors at work is focus on how they benefit at home. While the Tip of the Day program is not new, these tips are.  We just completed a comprehensive  review with  the entire tip database updated and re-written.  In addition, every tip is now linked to an OUCH! newsletter so people can learn more about the tips that interest them the most.  Finally, the tips fall under the same Creative Commons license as OUCH!, enabling you to use these tips within your organization.  Check out the  daily  tips now at the Tip of the Day website.