Creating a Cyber Secure Home Poster

At Securing The Human we are big believers in working with and supporting the community.  As such, for 2015 we really wanted to start the year off with a bang.  This week we are releasing the following community resources.

  • OUCH!: We just released the January edition of the OUCH! security awareness newsletter. Led  by Guest Editor Chris Crowley, we cover how to securely use mobile apps. Since many of you have new mobile devices after the holidays, we figured this was a perfect time to remind everyone how to leverage them in a safe and secure  manner.  OUCH! is provided in 25 languages and we encourage you to download and share with others.  You can always find the latest version of OUCH! at
  • POSTERS: We are excited to announce two new security awareness posters for the community: Creating a Cyber Secure Home and Protecting Healthcare Data. You can find PDF copies of the posters, which you are free to download, distribute and print, at
  • VIDEO OF THE MONTH: This month we focus on awareness training for the Industrial Control System (ICS) community. Specifically, in this video we provide an overview of ICS components, industries, and support personnel roles and responsibilities. To learn more about ICS security, join us for the  ICS Security Summit this 23/24 Feb in sunny Orlando, FL.

We would like to thank all the community volunteers who made these projects possible. As always, if you have any questions, suggestions or feedback on community projects we would love to hear from you at