Folks, as you may have noticed we have been adding a tremendous number of new resources to our Security Awareness Resources section on the Securing The Human Website.   A new page we will be adding soon is on "Business Justification", providing you the resources you need to get management support AND funding for your awareness program.  One of the first documents I'm creating is a list of all standards and regulations that require security awareness training.  While compliance is not the only reason for awareness training, it can be a good place to start to get management buy-in.  However, I need your help.  There are many standards I may not be aware of, especially international ones.  If you have a moment, please download a draft copy of "Standards That Require Security Awareness Training".  If you have a moment, please review the document and let me know what standards or regulations I'm missing or if there is anything we can do to improve the existing documentation, such as quoting more relevant sections from regulations.  Once we have your input, we will make this document free for public use.  Thanks!