In my last blog post we discussed how culture impacts awareness.  As part of our discussion we challenged readers to identify at least two things wrong with a potential rogue anti-virus website (click on the image to see larger version).  Things that end users could potentially identify.

The first mistake is relatively simple or  difficult, depending on your culture.  Specifically, the currency.  You will notice the criminals are charging $99,99 for their infected 'anti-virus' software. Whenever I present this slide to America crowds they spot the problem right away.  When I present to European crowds, it can literally take minutes.  Specifically, Americans use a '.'  for dollars and cents, while Europeans use a ','.  So, to Europeans the  listed price looks correct, while to Americans it immediately looks odd.  Keep in mind this would easily work the other way around.  If the currency had a Euro symbol and '.', most Americans would miss the mistake while most Europeans would spot it right away. Most likely we are dealing with Eastern European criminals who did not do their homework.

The second issue is a bit more technical.  Notice how these cyber criminals are using the new and improved version of online encryption, specifically "SLL".