SANS portal

As some of you already know, we provide a variety of community resources to help you with your security awareness programs.  One of our most popular resources is the OUCH! security awareness newsletter. This free newsletter covers a new cyber security topic each month and is translated into 25 languages.    Another popular resource is our series of security awareness posters.

Each year we create and print a new security awareness poster, which you can receive in the mail for free (this year's upcoming posters will be on Healthcare and creating a Cyber Secure Home). To ensure you get access to these resources, consider updating your SANS account on the SANS portal to receive these.  If you don't have an account you may want to create one at  To receive OUCH! announcements subscribe to the OUCH! mail list.  If you are not a fan of email you can always watch for OUCH! announcements on our Twitter or Facebook accounts, but we often include links to additional resources in the OUCH! mail list.

To receive the annual free security awareness posters (and other security posters from SANS) subscribe to SANS brochures and posters.