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Folks, as we gear up for the upcoming Security Awareness Summit in Dallas TX on 10 Sep, I wanted to share with you on how you can prepare for the event to make the most out of it.  If you will be attending the event, some things to consider.

  1. SHARING: We are very excited about having six amazing speakers lead the event. However this is only just one of the many opportunities for you to learn. We are asking attendees to bring and share examples of their own awareness program. This can be newsletters, posters, mouse pads, calendars, stickers or any other resource you created that was a big hit.  If possible, bring multiple copies to share with your peers.  If you bring any large items, such as a poster, we will be happy to hang it for others to see.
  2. SHOW-N-TELL: If you like, take the sharing to the next level. During lunch any attendee is welcome to give a short 5 minute lightening talk and share some examples of what they did for their program, such as showing an awareness video or talking about a hosted event.
  3. TABLES: Each table at the awareness summit will have sign for a specific industry. This way you can sit at a table with peers in your industry who are facing the same challenges and problems you are. Can’t find your industry listed at the event, or prefer to sit with others? No problem, we will have a set of tables just for you labeled “Island of Misfit Toys”.
  4. PRE-GREET: We will be hosting an informal get together the night before the summit. Stop by the lobby bar from 5-8 and get a chance to meet me and other attendees and get an early start on sharing and learning.

Not signed up for the Summit?  We highly recommend you do and join us in September for the only Summit dedicated to taking security awareness programs to the next level.