Sometimes the most difficult people to reach about information security is management. They often do not have the time, nor interest, to learn more about these challenges.  To help address this I'm playing with the idea of security training videos for decision makers.  Below is my first attempt at this.  In this video we explain to management why the human factor is important and what can be done about it (if you are going to explain a problem to management, be sure you also have a solution).  Since management time is so short, I'm thinking its best to keep such videos under three minutes.  Input appreciated, not only on how to improve these types of videos but suggestions for future topics.

[flowplayer src='http:///sites/default/files/blog-images/' width=540 height=310 splash='http:///sites/default/files/blog-images/SecuringTheHuman.jpg']

You can also download a standalone version in Apple Quicktime here.