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One of the challenges we are facing in the security awareness community is how do we take our program to the next level?  Most organizations understand the need to move beyond just compliance and start changing behaviors.  However how do we sustain that long term so we start changing culture?  How do we build a metrics framework to measure that change and demonstrate return on investment?  And how do we do this all with limited budget and real world challenges? To answer these questions we are excited to announce the first ever Security Awareness Summit to be held in Dallas, TX on 10 September titled - Next Generation Security Awareness Programs. This one day event is designed for maximum interaction, giving speakers and attendees the opportunity to share and learn from each other.  We have six speakers lined up, each one covering how they made a difference at their organization and how they measured that impact.  In addition we have a panel lined up at the end of the day where through crowd sourcing you  determine what questions are covered.  Finally we will have several informal events, such as 'show-n-tell' during the lunch break and a social event the night before.  We will be posting more details in the coming weeks, including guest blog posts from our speakers.  Meanwhile you can find event information and register at Hope to see you there.