The National Cyber Security Alliance has kicked off security awareness month with their new program  Stop | Think | Connect. This is an international push to have organizations use the same message when communicating about security awareness.  The NCSA is a consortium of different commercial, non-profit and government organizations coming together to coordinate how they communicate.   For example, when organizations such as Google, AT&T, Microsoft or Visa communicate security awareness to their customers, they can now standardize on this theme. I think this is a great idea.   There is actually a wealth of security awareness information on the Internet today for families and kids.  But it is very much unstructured, not only are different organizations communicating different topics, but with very different methods.  Hopefully this can bring some structure, and at a global level.  The question is how far will organizations take this?

One thing I am disappointed on is there is little use of imagery, instead of an image (as we discussed with Smokey Bear and aeCERT) it is simply a logo.   In part you can't blame NCSA, since they are global it is extremely difficult to create an image that has universal appeal.  This may be something that each government CERT should for their country.  Unfortunately, when you think of creative marketing usually the last thing that comes to mind is government.