Folks, two weeks ago we announced our Security Awareness Sticker contest.  We challenged you, the community, to see who could come up with the most creative and engaging Security Awareness stickers.  Today we are excited to announce the results. Twelve people submitted almost 40 great ideas, so it was very tough selecting the winners.  However after careful consideration below are the folks we selected, each one will be receiving a "Securing The Human" long sleeve shirt, plust ever lasting fame and glory.  Even better, we have put together a document listing all the submissions.  There are a great number of ideas listed in the document, we highly encourage you review them all and use whatever ideas you can for your own security awareness program.  Once again folks, thanks for making a difference! First Place - Leslie Peckham: Leslie gets first place as her idea goes beyond just normal stickers and gamifies them, creating an interactive environment where employees can challenge and play against each other.   She describes the idea where employees identify other employees that have left their computer unlocked, then provides ideas for different magnetic or static cling stickers that employees could leave on the offending system, turning this into a game.  We really feel Leslie has only scratched the surface on what you could do in a ‘sticker game’; there are so many different directions you could take this.   For example, not only could you create different  sticker games, you could also do sticker badges for awarding people that do good such as spot the Phish, people that stop un-authorized personnel in your facilities, or someone who found and returned a lost device. Second Place: Tonia Dudley:   What’s great about Tonia’s Death Star idea is not only are the stickers funny and visually engaging, but the lesson learned in the sticker can be easily changed and adapted for your own topic or environment. Runner Up: Chris Taylor and Derek Meier: Both Chris and Derek submitted the same idea, as such get awarded for SEC_RITY - Not complete without U Runner Up: Marie Memmer: Several of the judges loved her idea of "You are the Key", with a big padlock and the hole in the padlock is in the shape of a person, who is also part of the graphic. Runner Up: John Andrew: You can just hear Yoda talking in this one! Graphic – Black and white hand drawing (in the style of Darth Vader below) of Yoda facing straight out with his 3 fingers out in stop fashion. Slogan – “Stop! Beware of clicking on links or opening attachments. Save you it can.”