Security Awareness Planning Kit - Updated

Folks, we have lots of new and exciting updates for the Security Awareness Planning Kit  which I wanted to make you aware of.  First, just a reminder about this free resource.  To build, maintain and measure an awareness program that makes a difference, you need to plan and coordinate.  For planning you have to answer key questions such as whose behaviors you are going to change, what behaviors are changing and how will you change AND measure them.  In addition, you will need to coordinate with key groups in your organization including communications, the help desk, and HR or legal. To save you time the Security Awareness Planning Kit contains templates for all the various planning and coordination stages.  It takes you step-by-step through the process ensuring you create a comprehensive plan. If you have used this resource in the past, you will notice there are alot more resources now.  As always, you start with the Security Awareness Roadmap which describes the five stages to a mature awareness program.  However each stage now has more templates and examples to choose from.   In addition, we now include materials such as example plans from other organizations, case studies, presentations, and updated references.   These materials are also the same that we use in the two day course SANS MGT433 Securing The Human. If you would like to see other resources added to the planning kit, let us know at