We just released the August edition of OUCH! today.  As always, this is our free security awareness newsletter designed for the Ordinary Computer User (OCU) that you are free to share with others or distribute in your own organization.  We understand that awareness is a global challenge, that is why we translate OUCH! into ten different languages (and growing).  This month we focus on updating software, why it is so important to keep your operating systems and applications up-to-date.   In addition, we cover how this goes beyond just computers but smartphones and tablets.  We then provide examples of how you can keep your systems current.  Download now the latest OUCH! security awareness newsletter. Note:  One of the things the OUCH! editorial board had a challenge with was finding a solution that helps keep Mac applications current.   OUCH! reader Corby pointed out MacUpdate Desktop.  While I have never tried this, it looks like an interesting option.