October is cyber security awareness month in the United States.  For those of you who do not live in the US, or even for some of you who do, you may not be aware of this event.  This is an official, federal campaign designed to bring national attention to cyber security issues.  It is designed for both individuals and organizations.  To be honest, I'm surprised and impressed at how much attention this gets, and it seems to be growing every year.  Some organizations even coordinate their internal awareness programs to kick off during October.  One of the most active organizations leading cyber security awareness month is the National Cyber Security Alliance, a non-profit organization made up of corporate and government partners.  While their focus is on primarily the public (families, kids, individuals) they have some good content.  If nothing else, I'm a big fan of anything that brings awareness to well ... awareness.  Be sure to check out their website next week as the NCSA has a big awareness month kick-off.

For those of you who do not live in the United States, does your country have any similar type of program to bring national awareness to the issue of cyber security?